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My name is Misah Natumanya from Uganda.I work with the Department of Linguistics, English Studies and Communication Skill, and the Department of African Languages, both found in the School of Language, Literature & Communication of Makerere University. I hold an MPhil in Linguistics (NTNU),a BA in Arts (MUK),a DIPLOMA in Educ (ITEK). I teach Linguistics, Communication skills, Runyakitara and some ELS courses at an undergraduate level. I enjoy Morpho-syntax, Morpho-semantics, Phonology, Translation, Sociolinguistics, Stylistics and Lexicography.I have a rich experience in translation from English to Runyankore-Rukiga and Vice versa; and I am a lead translator of Runyankore-Rukiga and Runyoro -Rutooro for the Centre of Language and Communication Services of Makerere University. I am also among the key editors of the first ever Runyankore-Rukiga monolingual dictionary locally known as "Kashoboorozi ya Runyankore-Rukiga". Am also an author of Runyankore-Rukiga primary school thematic curriculum books, with Macmillan Publishers. I like language studies and linguistics with all my heart and soul,and believe me,this natural language database,will further our linguistic analysis.

My Masters thesis is on Applicative Constructions in Runyankore-Rukiga, The thesis focussed on Runyankore-Rukiga Applicative Morpho-Phonological & Syntactic Patterns.. It doesn't only document and investigate different forms of the applicative morpheme but also identifies and describes the Morpho-phonological rules (Processes) responsible for their realization. In the thesis text, different forms (allomorphs)of the Applicative morpheme are identified and well illustrated with in-depth annotated examples from TypeCraft. Also,the thesis Classifies RR Applicative Constructions basing on the data(see my corpus below) I collected from fieldwork in 2010& 2011. Syntactically,the object relations and the argument structure of different classes of RR applicative constructions, are also well described and illustrated in my thesis. Ideally,the study is both descriptive (being the first of its kind to document applicative constructions in Runyankore-Rukiga) and a bit analytic. Yet, description is where I started from.

Please also visit my corpus

My corpus consists of:

Conversations and dialogues

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Newspaper excerpts




Excerpts from literary texts


Excerpts from linguistic texts

Elicitation data

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