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Mary Esther Kropp Dakubu

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*27. April 1938; Boston, Mass. U.S.A † 17.November 2016; Boston, Mass. U.S.A

Mary EstherKropp Dakubu, a distinguished scholar and expect on West African languages, has passed away on the 17th of November 2017 in her home town Boston.


Mary Esther served on the Advisory Board of TC from the beginning and up to now. She made direct contributions to the TC resource both in terms of text annotations and resources especially pertaining to valency. Her annotated data set for Ga can be found as a TypeCraft text or as a TypeCraft wiki page Ga_annotated_corpus. Contributions to valency, both for specific languages like Ga, Gurune and English, and in general, can be found on Ga_Valence_Profile, Gurene verb constructions, and Valence Profile English, Verbconstructions cross-linguistically - Introduction.

General information on Ga is provided on Typological Features Template for Ga

She took a strong interest in the development and use of digital tools in linguistics, and arranged annual workshops in connection with The Legon Trondheim Linguistics Project colloquia from 2002-2009 with introduction and hands-on training in tools like Toolbox and TypeCraft (the picture taken at one of them).