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Welcome to TypeCraft 2.0
The multilingual Interlinear Glossed Text (IGT) Bank.

The TypeCraft Editor

With the TypeCraft Editor you can create Interlinear Glossed Texts which are saved in the TypeCraft database from where they can be retrieved, further analysed, and shared with other users or the general public. After login, you can access the TypeCraft linguistic editor from the navigation bar to your left. Use "New text", "My texts", and "Text search, or "Phrase search" to manage your data.

Open Access: Select under "Text level" -> "Language" a language, then hit Enter to see the available TypeCraft texts for your language. Use "Phrase search", and specify again on the Text level the language, then start a more specific search. TypeCraft data can be searched on any level between the text and the morph level. You can also search for individual glosses, or part of speech specifications. Use "Phrase search" to select data for a free download. You can select individual sentences, or specify a set of sentences. For more help with data search and data download turn to the Help pages which you can access from this page.

The TypeCraft Wiki

The TypeCraft Wiki features 284 articles which discuss TypeCraft corpus data, for example through the presentation of grammar squibs, the use of typological templates and more. Below we feature three areas which we believe are of special interest. In the section More about TypeCraft corpora we have aggregated TypeCraft wiki pages relating directly to public TypeCraft corpora. A series of our wiki articles sponsoring the use of Interlinear Glossed Text for L2 learning can be found in the section Linguistic Support for Language Learning. Another section discusses the use of Interlinear Text for Valency analysis.

From this main page you also have direct access to the TypeCraft help pages.

TypeCraft Wiki pages about TypeCraft Corpora

The TypeCraft Wiki features articles related to individual corpora. These articles fall into three main categories:

Under Typological Templates you find language specific grammatical overviews given in a tabular format.

Under Category:Grammar_squib you find short language specific grammar squibs which focus one a specific phenomenon or construction type .

Under SketchGrammar_Template you can create your own grammar sketch using a TypeCraft template.

In addition the category Languages offers an overview over the TypeCraft Wiki pages ordered by language(s) discussed.

TypeCraft Help Pages

Help pages

  • Help with searching in Typecraft data
  • Help with editing in the TypeCraft wiki
  • Help with TypeCraft's API


TypeCraft Wiki pages about Linguistic support for Language Learning

Tools for Norwegian as a Second Language
Linguistic Support for Student Learners of German

TypeCraft Wiki pages about Valency

Category:Valence by language

How to annotate Valence in TypeCraft