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The multilingual Interlinear Glossed Text (IGT) Bank.

With TypeCraft you can freely access grammatically glossed examples (IGT) from more than 150 languages (see:Portal of Languages). Examples can be exported in various formats. You can also use TypeCraft to create your own Interlinear Glossed Text for any language. You can store the data in your own privat space, or share your work with a group. The TypeCraft Wiki consists of 289 articles which discuss mostly less described languages and address linguistic questions, often embedding Interlinear Glossed Texts drawn from the database. Viewing existing data in the database or reading articles in the wiki do not require a login, whereas creation of data and writing in the wiki requires a login (upper right corner). To access the database and data editing functions, push the TypeCraft Tools button in the upper left corner. To access the wiki pages for search, write part of the name of the page wanted into the Search TC-wiki slot in the upper right cormer. The Quick Start page gives an introduction to these and other uses of TypeCraft functions, and information about system updates.

IGT data and the TypeCraft Database

The TypeCraft database as of now consists of 3065 texts, each consisting of a smaller or larger number of phrases. There are at present 145 unique languages in the database. Our Portal of Languages is a dynamic list of those languages that have more than 5 public texts in the database. Through the Portal you can download texts and phrases using different export formats, as explained in Quick Start page.The TypeCraft IGT comes in the form illustrated below, an annotation of a phrase from Akan: TypeCraft data can be searched on any of the levels here illustrated - from the text to the morph level, using TypeCraft Tools -> TypeCraft Search -> "Text search" or "Phrase search". Search results can be freely downloaded in various formats, for instance to TC's own wiki as in the example. The Quick Start page provides information on how to proceed for search and export, as well as for creating IGTs.

The TypeCraft Wiki

The category page Languages offers an overview over the TypeCraft Wiki pages ordered by language, with Runyankore-Rukiga as an example of a category of language specific pages. The following pages instantiate views into typological variation: Typological Features, Grammar squibs. Specific areas treated in depth are for instance valency across languages, with contributions accessed at Valence - general and Valence by language. Various research projects are presented under Projects. .