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The multilingual Interlinear Glossed Text (IGT) Bank.

With TypeCraft you can freely access grammatically glossed examples (IGT) from more than 200 languages, export them for your own research, as part of your publication, or in XML form to use them in your repositories or applications.The TypeCraft editor allows you to create IGT for any language, for any amount of sentences or text, using any language script.

The TypeCraft Editor and TypeCraft search

After login, you can access the TypeCraft application from the TypeCraft menu in the upper left cornert. Use "New text" or "My texts" to manage your data. Even if you are already an experienced TypeCraft user we advise you to have a look at the Quick Start page before you start editing in TypeCraft 2.0. TypeCraft data can be searched on any level - from the text to the morph level. Use "Text search or "Phrase search". You can search for individual glosses, or part of speech specifications. Search results can be freely downloaded in various formats. For more help with data search or data export turn to the Help pages which you can access from the TypeCraft menu on this page.

The TypeCraft Wiki

The TypeCraft Wiki consists of 287 articles which discuss TypeCraft corpus data. These articles fall into three main categories: Under Typological Templates you find language specific grammatical overviews given in a tabular format.Under Category:Grammar_squib you find short language specific grammar squibs which focus one a specific phenomenon or construction type.Under SketchGrammar_Template you can create your own grammar sketch using a TypeCraft template.In addition, the category Languages offers an overview over the TypeCraft Wiki pages ordered by language.

Valency analysis is a collection of wiki pages discussing the use of Interlinear Text for valency analysis. Most of these pages take you directly to our corpora or contain links to other online applications..

TypeCraft Portal of Languages

Portal of Languages