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You have come to the Category: Languages.

Search a language family by clicking on a colour box
Afro-Asiatic Niger-Congo Nilo-Saharan - no representative yet Khoisan - no representative yet
Indo-European Caucasian - no representative yet Altaic - no representative yet Dravidian Paleosiberian - no representative yet
Austronesian - - no representative yet Austro-Asiatic - no representative yet Sino-Tibetan Papuan - no representative yet
American Dené-Yeniseian - no representative yet Hmong-Mien - no representative yet
Creole/Pidgin/Mixed Eskimo-Aleut - no representative yet Uralic - no representative yet Australian - no representative yet

Through pressing on the colour bar of the Language families shown to the right you get access to more information about the languages associated with a TCwiki article and represented in the TypeCraft database. Notice that not all languages that are stored in the TypeCraft database are associated with a TCwiki article. For you who annotate data with the TC-Editor and store it in the TypeCraft database it might be a good idea to contribute to a better on-line representation of your language by creating a TC-wiki page. This also gives you the chance to represent some of your data directly online. How to embed interlinear glosses stored in the TypeCraft database in a TC-wiki page is explained here

Articles on the TC-wiki are related to data kept in the TypeCraft database. By writing about your lanuage, you can for example share issues related to the annotation of your language (e.g.Annotating_Konkomba) or discuss issues relating to the development of your language (e.g.Telugu_The_Language).

A good start could also be to give an overview over the grammatical properties of your language. This can be done using a Typological Feature Templates (e.g.Typological_Features_Template_for_Akan). A blueprint for such a template can be found here.

If you wish to search the TypeCraft database go to the navigation bar at the left of this browser window and click on *Text search*, or simply click here. When you search without specifying a language or a text, search will return all texts that their owners have chosen to publish on TypeCraft.