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You have come to the Category: Languages. It allows you to view TypeCraft articles ordered by the language that they discuss. For navigation, use the language colour quilt below, or find a list of articles ordered by language name further down on this page.

In order to search the TypeCraft data base for published IGT, please go to Text search or Phrase search on the TypeCraft navigation bar..

In the table of language families below, note that "no representative yet" means that there is no TypeCraft wiki page on this language yet In order to see which languages have publicly accessible IGT in the TypeCraft database go to Text search -> Language and search for a language in the drop down menu.

Search a language family by clicking on a colour box
Afro-Asiatic Niger-Congo Nilo-Saharan - no representative yet Khoisan - no representative yet
Indo-European Caucasian - no representative yet Altaic - no representative yet Dravidian Paleosiberian - no representative yet
Austronesian - - no representative yet Austro-Asiatic - no representative yet Sino-Tibetan Papuan - no representative yet
American Dené-Yeniseian - no representative yet Hmong-Mien - no representative yet
Creole/Pidgin/Mixed Eskimo-Aleut - no representative yet Uralic - no representative yet Australian - no representative yet

Click on the colour bar of a language family to see which languages are represented in TypeCraft. From there you can go further to find specific articles about a language.

Not all languages that are stored in the TypeCraft database are associated with a TCwiki article. For you who have data in the TypeCraft database it might be a good idea to contribute to a better online representation of your language by creating a TC-wiki page. This also gives you the chance to represent some of your data directly online. How to embed interlinear glosses stored in the TypeCraft database in a TC-wiki page is explained here.

By writing about your language, you can for example share issues related to the annotation of your language (e.g.Annotating_Konkomba) or discuss issues relating to the development of your language (e.g.Telugu_The_Language).

A good start could also be to give an overview over the grammatical properties of your language. This can be done using a Typological Features Template (e.g.Typological_Features_Template_for_Akan). A blueprint for such a template can be found here.

If you wish to search the TypeCraft database go to the navigation bar at the left of this browser window and click on *Text search*, or simply click here. When you search without specifying a language or a text, search will return all texts that their owners have chosen to publish.