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User:Allan Hayton

Allan Hayton (Diton) is Gwich’in Athabascan and grew up in Arctic Village (Vashrąįį K’oo) Alaska, on the Venetie Indian Reservation. Allan has been a spokesperson and volunteer for the Gwich'in Steering Committee over the years. Allan has a BA in Theatre & Film from the University of Kansas, and has worked as an actor (Roy Peratrovich in For The Rights of All, Chief Broom, and Perseverance Theatre's Tlingit language Macbeth), as a playwright (Re:Generations, Coyote Tales, Forty Daydreams, Tugidaam Siistra (The Moon’s Sister), and Tsyaa Tsal Too Oozhrii Zhit Dhidii (The Boy in the Moon). Allan co-founded Yeil Sé Raven’s Voice Theatre, worked with Naa Kahidi Theatre, and co-translated and performed in the title role for Fairbanks Shakespeare Theatre's Lear Khehkwaii (a Gwich'in adaptation of King Lear). For the last several years Allan has been focusing on teaching Gwich’in language to new generations of speakers, and received an MA in applied linguistics at the University of Alaska Fairbanks May 2013. Allan is active in Takudh (Gwich'in) language and liturgy, singing traditional hymns in Gwich'in language. Allan serves on the board of the Doyon Foundation, and the Vestry of Saint Matthew's Episcopal Church.

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