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Typological Features Template for Farefare

By Helen Atipoka

University of Education, Winneba, Ghana.

Feature Description
Phonological Features
Vowel inventory i ɩ e ɛ u Ʋ o ɔ a
Vowel harmony [+ATR= i e u o] [-ATR= ɩ ɛ Ʋ ɔ] a][a] can occur with words from either side
Consonant inventory b d f g h k l m n ŋ p r s t v w y z gb kp ŋm ny
Syllable Structure V-(e"them")C-(n"1st person sing") VCVV-(Abaa"name of a person") CV-(ba"3person pl") CVV-(baa"dog"), CVVC-(kaam"iol"), CVCV-(pɔka"woman"), CVCVCV-(pɔgesi"women") .
Morpho-syntactic Features
morphological classification (1)
morphological classification (2)
Nominal Phrases
syntactic structure
nominal modification
nominal specification
possession yibega fuo"my younger sibling's dress" n gɔŋɔ la bɛɛ "where is my book"
pronominal system
Verbal Phrases
word order
infinitival forms
verbal constructions
Special Properties of [your language]