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Typological Features Template for Ewe

by Abigail Exornam Ayiglo

Feature Description
Phonological Features
Vowel inventory
Vowel harmony
Consonant inventory
Syllable Structure The two basic syllable structure in Ewe are CV and CCV. Where it is CCV, the second consonant in the the cluster is always a liquid. Where words borrowed in the language have consonants clusters other than the permissible one in the language, the cluster is broken by either deleting one of the consonants or inserting a vowel between the consonants in the cluster. Also, when a borrowed word has a coda in the last syllable of a word, the coda is deleted or a final vowel is added to the word].
Morpho-syntactic Features
morphological classification (1)
morphological classification (2)
Nominal Phrases
syntactic structure The linear order of the Ewe NP → N (Adj) Det.
nominal modification
nominal specification
possession There are a number of ways in which possession is marked in Ewe. Where a possessive pronoun is used, the possessed noun is juxtaposed to the pronoun. For the first person pronoun, the possessed precedes the possessive pronoun. However, if a any noun other than a possessive pronoun is used, the possessive marker, ƒe, occurs after the possessor and before the possessed noun.Also, whenever the possessed noun is a kingship term, the possessive marker, ƒe, is omitted. Here, the two nouns are juxtaposed to each other.


pronominal system
Verbal Phrases
word order
infinitival forms
verbal constructions
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