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TypeCraft Sandbox - narrate an Aesop Fable

TypeCraft exercise:

In this exercise you will learn how to combine a source text, which you create on the TypeCraft wiki by narrating a video, with an annotated text in the TypeCraft database.

You then will learn how to create a new text which will be kept in your own text repository on TypeCraft.

After that you will annotate your text using the TypeCraft Editor.

Finally you will learn how to link these different resources together using the TypeCraft wiki.

Please start by following the instructions on your exercise sheet. They will tell you how to copy the source text of this page in order to start your own exercise page.

Please do not edit this page

TypeCraft Sandbox - narrate an Aesop Fable  
Type Fable
Author(s) Aesop
Publication title Aesop's Fables
Pages Perry Index 46
available_at YouTube
Media type video