Typecraft v2.5
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TypeCraft Developers

Pavel Mihaylov, Dorothee Beermann, Einar Næss Jensen, Tore Bruland

A prototype of TypeCraft was developed by Atle Prange from Businesscapeworking together with Dorothee Beermann in 2005 - 2006.

Since then quite a bit has changed, and new features have been added to TypeCraft. Tore Bruland and Ben Waldron had joined the team for a short while.

Dorothee is now working together with Pavel Mihaylov who is responsible for the technical development of TypeCraft.

The CIDLeS logo

For the development of TypeCraft v.2.0, TypeCraft Dorothee and Pavel joined forces with CIDLeS, the Interdisciplinary Centre of Social and Language Development.