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In the table under are all published Ewe texts with annotated phrases

EweSimon ƒe dadi 135-Mercy Motte-2016-01-23
EweNames of Animals in Ewe40-Vincent Erskine Aziaku-2016-01-23
EweEwe verb constructions22-Felix Ameka-2016-01-23
EweMulti-verb constructions in some languages of the Volta-Congo-Ewe17-Ota Ogie-2016-01-23
EweSVCs10-Theresa Sedzro-2016-01-23
EweSVC and CC6-Vincent Erskine Aziaku-2017-10-16
EwePsalmo 23 3-Theresa Sedzro-2016-01-23
EweTsɔɛ vɛ2-Yvonne_Agbetsoamedo-2016-01-23
EweAgba la le aba la dzi1-Abigail Ayiglo-2016-01-23