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In the table under are all published Abron texts with annotated phrases

AbronMPhil Thesis: Meaning of Bono Verbs and their Translation Equivalence117-Johnson Baah-2016-01-23
AbronBono dictionary (example sentences for meaning disambiguation)98-Bright Amoah-2016-01-23
AbronAdditional sentences79-Johnson Baah-2016-01-23
Abronconsecutive69-Bright Amoah-2016-01-23
AbronConstruction Labelling - LING 330240-Johnson Baah-2016-01-23
AbronMPhil Thesis:The meaning of Bono Verbs and their Translation Equivalence37-Johnson Baah-2016-01-23
AbronNegation + Tense/Aspects9-Bright Amoah-2016-01-23
AbronObi a oyi mpataa wͻ nsuo mu.2-Bright Amoah-2016-01-23