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SVC in Mandarin Chinese (Li & Thompson 1981)

SVC in Mandarin Chinese (Li & Thompson 1981)  
Type book
Author(s) C. Li & S. Thompson
Publication title Mandarin Chinese. A functional reference grammar
Publisher University of California Press
ISBN 0520066103
Annotator Miaomiao Zhang
Corpus Link SVC in Mandarin Chinese 2
Framework functional reference grammar

General Information

This article belongs to the TC Category Interlinear Glossed Text from Linguistic Research.

In this category we collect TCwiki pages that feature Interlinear Glossed Text (IGT) from linguistic publications.

IGT are normally demarcated through indenting, numbering and a space above and under the example. One line of text is followed by one line of glosses and a line with free translation completes the pattern. IGTs from linguistic publications are of particular interest, since they represent a unique alignment of language data and linguistic theory. Example sentences from seminal articles are not rarely quoted in linguistic publications for decades which is another good reason why they need our attention.

In an effort to make IGT more accessible to linguistic research, we try to extract original IGT from linguistic publications and in same cases we provide additional linguistic glosses through a subsequent layer of annotation using the TypeCraft Glosser. In this way we hope to contribute to the re-usability of this data.

On each of the our pages that feature IGT from secondary sources, we also provide a short annotated bibliography, sometimes combined with a list of key-terms which can help to gain a perspective on the research questions raised in the original article. The 'Infobox' may contain further information about the linguistic framework used in the original article, as well as additional classifications of the phenomena treated, whenever that is possible.


Serial Verb Construction, multiple predicates

Original Interlinear Glossed Text


wŏmen kāi-huì tăolùn nèi-gè wèntí
we hold-meeting consier that-CL problem
We'll hold a meeting to consider that problem.


tā tiān-tiān chàng-gē xiĕ-xìn
3sg day-day sing-sing write-letter
Everyday s/he sings songs and writes letters


tā fŏurèn tā zuò-cuò le
3sg deny 3sg do-wrong CRS
S/He denies that s/he was wrong.


tā gàosù wŏ nĭ tóu téng
3sg tell I you head ache
S/He told me that you has a headache.


dà shēng niàn kèwén kĕyĭ bāngzhù fāyīn
big voice read lesson can help pronunciation
Reading the lesson aloud can help one's pronunciation.


wŏ quàn tā niàn yī
I advise 3sg study medicine
I advise him/her to study medicine.


wŏ pèng-dào-le yī-gè wàiguó-rén huì shuō zhōngguó-huà
I meet-arrive-PFV one-CL foreign-person know:how speak China-speech
I met a foreigner who can speak Chinese.