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SVC in Chinese Mandarin (54 sentences)

SVC in Chinese Mandarin (54 sentences)  
Type conference article
Author(s) Liang Tao
Editor(s) Yun Xiao
Publication title Serial Verb Construction in Mandarin Chinese: The interface of syntax and semantics
Publisher NACCL
Annotator Miaomiao Zhang
Corpus Link The SVC in Chinese Mandarin 1

General Information

This article belongs to the TC Category Interlinear Glossed Text from Linguistic Research.

In this category we collect a series of TCwiki articles which feature example sentences from linguistic publications. In the form of Interlinear Glossed Text (IGT) these examples are the most common type of scientific data used by linguists of all affiliations.

When occurring in a publication, an IGT is standardly demarcated through indenting, numbering and a space above and under the example. One line of text is followed by one line of glosses. A line with free translation completes the pattern. Yet, IGTs come in many different formats and are often flawed. Glosses essential for the understanding of the examples might be missing, or the free translations given might be misleading. IGTs occur in isolation and normally lack any index to where and when they occur or any other information that would identify them as a particular instance of a language. Yet, in spite of many short-comings, IGTs constitute data not just for linguists, but also more generally across Humanities, and as flawed as they might be, they still are an intuitive and easy way to represent the linguistic properties of real language.

Collections of IGTs from linguistic publication are of particular interest, since they represent a unique alignment of language data and linguistic theory. Example sentences from seminal articles are not rarely circulated in linguistic publications for decades.

In an effort to make IGT more accessible to linguistic research, wee have extracting original IGT from linguistic publications and provided in-depth linguistic glosses through a subsequent layer of annotation with the hope to improve the re-usability of the data. Using the TCwiki we make both, the original IGT and the newly annotated IGT available here.

In this article and other articles in this category, original and annotated IGTs stand in the context of a short annotated bibliography. Bibliographic information is combined with a list of key-terms which can help to gain a perspective on the research questions raised in the original article. The 'Infobox' may contain further information about the linguistic framework used in the original article and might give a further classification of the phenomena treated whenever possible.


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