Typecraft v2.5
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New TC Editor

What is the new editor?

The new TypeCraft editor is the future of TypeCraft. It provides a rich text editor that integrates your phrases within the text body. It also allows you to do simple text formatting.

The new editor is still experimental but fully functional.

NOTE: Once you save a text with the new editor it can be edited only with the new editor.

Major differences from the old editor

  • Texts have metadata
    • You edit the metadata by entering text / clicking variants in the fields on the right of your screen.
  • Phrases are inside the text body
    • You create a single phrase by selecting text and then clicking the New phrase button.
    • Creating multiple phrases at once will come later.
    • You double click a phrase to edit it
    • You select a phrase (by single click) and then click the Delete phrase button to delete it.
    • You can see all your phrases as a list (similar to the way phrases appear in the old editor) by clicking the View phrase list button.
      • Once the phrase list is open you can use the Phrase menu to export and delete phrases much like in the old editor.
    • You can select text and format it using the toolbar.
  • The phrase editor can hide tiers
    • Press the little grey buttons next to the Save button to hide the corresponding tier. The tier will hide and the button will turn white.
    • Press a hidden (white) tier button again to show the tier.
    • Hiding is not saved with your phrase but is purely a way to tweak what you see on your screen.
  • Phrases have additional tiers called Sense tiers
    • Press the button Add sense tier under the phrase table in order to create a sense tier.
    • Sense tiers can have a sense tag attached (click where indicated to add one). It works much like entering POS tags.
    • Click the empty cells under each word in a sense tier in order to add words to that sense. The chosen cells/words will change colour to indicate that.
    • Click coloured cells to remove words from a sense tier.
    • Sense tiers can be deleted by using the menu in the sense tag field (click where it says menu). This is similar to how you delete words or morphemes.


How do I use the new editor?

We are still testing the new editor with a limited number of TypeCraft users. We expect to have it available for everyone by the end of August 2013.

Do I have to use the new editor?

Give it a try, it's the future of TypeCraft!

Can I still use the old editor?

The old editor will be available for some time but will be eventually phased out. Do not worry though, your data will be automatically converted for use in the new editor.