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Classroom:Norwegian Grammar Checking

Korektor gramatyczny dla języka norweskiego (Ćwiczenia z gramatyki norweskiej z polskim komentarzem)

Controllo della grammatica norvegese; Messaggi di feedback

Feedback messages




This device is designed to provide grammaticality feedback for sentences of your choice.

Please click on the Troll picture Troll1.jpeg to get to the Grammar Checker.

In the window that comes up, write one or more sentences (up to ten sentences at the time, with line-shift between, and each sentence no more than 10 words) into the open mask, and push the button 'Analyze'.

If a string is grammatically wellformed, you will get the response:

          A wellformed Norwegian sentence

If the string is not grammatically wellformed, there are two possibilities:

Error diagnosis

The first possibility is that the system tells you what is wrong about the string. For instance, for the ungrammatical string

          Jeg liker du.

where the subject form "du" is used as an object, you will get the response:

      The word "du" is marked with the wrong case, try using "deg" instead. 

Accompanying such an error message, there may appear a button 'Generate'. By clicking it, you can get a new window showing a recommended version of the intended sentence, in the present case:

         Jeg liker deg.

(To write a new sentence for feedback, return to the previous window.)

Next to the 'Generate' button, there is also a button saying More description, which takes you to a brief description of the relevant part of Norwegian grammar.

Ungrammaticality report

The second possibility is that the grammar recognizes a string as ungrammatical, but no specific message has been designed for the error type. The interface will then simply report:

          Ungrammatical in Norwegian.

Some constraints

The sentences entered should always have a verb. Apart from imperatives, sentences should also have a subject. Moreover, interjections (like "yes", "hi!", and so) are not accepted.

If the system does not contain a certain word used in the input string, the response will inform you that this is so:

            Lexicon entry `...' is missing

Please note that the system does not have many non-Norwegian proper names in its repository, so that writing Jeg heter ... with a non-Norwegian proper name in the dotted area may well result in the above message.

Phenomena for which you can get feedback, and possible feedback messages

As a grammar checker, the system is not concerned with word spelling, and thus does not include what is normally referred to as a spellchecker. (an example of a pilot system checking just spelling of words and not syntax can be seen at Spellchecker for Luganda - Pilot). Also, among the millions of ways in which one can make a grammatical mistake in a language, only a few are covered here in terms of specific feedback messages (other than just "Ungrammatical in Norwegian"). For an overview of phenomena for which you can get such feedback messages, see Feedback messages.

For some background for the system, see A Norwegian Grammar Sparrer.

A sentence construction game

For the new game Norwegian Grammar Scrabble, go to

see Score points for Norwegian sentences!

and web demo.

Background system

For background on the computational grammar running the system, see Norwegian HPSG grammar NorSource.

--Lars Hellan 15:11, 14 April 2014 (UTC)