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Centre for Language Studies (CLS)

The Centre for Language Studies was born in 1996 as a Government of Malawi initiative to take over and expand the functions of the Chichewa Board. Its mandate was broadened to cover not only Chichewa but all languages spoken in Malawi. The Centre was established under the Faculty of Humanities, Chancellor College at the University of Malawi

People at the Center

Centre's Mandate

The mandate of the Centre is to promote and develop all Malawian languages so that they can contribute effectively to the socioeconomic development of the country. Under this mandate the Centre does the following:

  • Establish orthographic principles of Malawian languages;
  • Develop descriptive grammars of Malawian languages;
  • Compile lexicons of Malawian languages;
  • Promote and preserve Malawian languages;
  • Teach various languages of socioeconomic and political relevance to Malawians;
  • Provide translation, interpretation and editing services; and
  • Promote research in language studies.