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Bulletin Board 2010 - 2012

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See also Current_events for more information!

Ongoing work with corpus consistency

The TypeCraft Akan corpus consisting of 51 texts is at present not accessible to the general public. This is due to work with corpus consistency.

--Dorothee Beermann 10:41, 23 September 2012 (UTC)

Trondheim - LDD 2012 - Presentations and literature list

2nd Trondheim Workshop in Language Description and Documentation, September 2012

Dear participants of the 2nd Trondheim workshop in Language Description and Documentation,

You now find a list of relevant publications mentioned during the workshop here.

Many of the presentations can now be downloaded from our workshop page: Go to the workshop page.

Improved Sentence Level Tagging

Almost right from the beginning, TypeCraft has provided sentence level tagging, yet the global tag-set has been only partially developed, so that consistent sentence level tagging was not possible. This is now changing.

At present we are redesigning the Globaltags (TypeCraft sentence level tags). The following grammatical classes for sentence level tagging are available:

  • Syntactic Argument Structure
  • Situation Type
  • Argument structure alternation
  • Adjuncts
  • Sentence Pattern
  • Modality
  • Force & Evidentiality
  • Sentence Aspect

The global tagging system is basically in place, while the set of individual tags still needs be extended throughout August and September. Please write to me already now in case you have suggestions concerning the general design of the sentence level tagging system or are simply missing a tag.

Those of you that have made use of the global tag-set in their annotations, please have a look at your annotations. Some adjustments of your old annotations will most likely be necessary.

More information will follow when the redesign of the Sentence Level Tagging has been completed.

--Dorothee Beermann 13:35, 8 August 2012 (UTC)

Cloud Computing

Check this out: Cloudcomplete

--Dorothee Beermann 16:51, 31 May 2012 (UTC)


We all are deeply saddened to learn about Stephen Ndako's death. For more information go to LELADA -> Project owner -> Stephen Nadako

Bug fixed

The annoying bug in the Global tag search has been fixed. Sorry for the delay. April/18/2012

[Follow the interesting discussion on the Participle in Runyankore-Rugika]

Recent Events

October 24 - November 4, 2011 LELADA 2011

The University of Education Winneba, Ghana.

New Graduate Courses at the University of Education in Winneba, Ghana

This fall the University of Education at Winneba, Ghana will offer graduate courses in linguistics, covering subjects in Phonology, Morphology and Syntax. Hands-on classes in text and speech annotation will run every afternoon during the workshop. The courses will take place on the the north campus.

October 3-7 2011: India 2011

workshop session on Digital Linguistics - INDIA 2011

During this October, NTNU will be arranging a week long India themed event, titled India 2011. The focus of the event will be on broad cooperation in culture, research, higher education and business.

The current arrangement between the University of Hyderabad and the Institute of Languages and Communication Studies and the Institute of Modern Languages at NTNU has Indian languages as its focus. There will also be workshops and talks that will be part of NTNU's India week. TypeCraft will be used to annotate several Indian languages.

For more information regarding this upcoming event, please click on the following link. --Nathan James Colton 14:21, 16 June 2011 (UTC)

Summer School of Linguistics at Makerere University, Uganda

August 2011


During the Summer School that took place from 1st -13th August at Makerere University, linguists from Makerere University , Nkozi University, Kyambogo University , University of Zürich and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology get together to discuss different linguistic approaches and participate in hands-on classes on different digital tools for Language Description and Documentation.

Download the Summer School Poem by Florence Kengoma

Summer School participants can now upload their pictures and link them to our Photo Gallery .

Course descriptions and downloadable class presentations can be found on the following page: Summer_School_of_Linguistics_at_Makerere_University,_Uganda

TypeCraft presentation at ACL 2011


TypeCraft will be presented at the LaTeCH-workshop on Language Technology for Cultural Heritage, Social Sciences,and Humanities

Friday June 24, 2011 - Portland Marriott Downtown Waterfront, Portland, Oregon, USA.

Have you seen this?

The picture Gallery from the Trondheim LDD-workshop is available here Trondheim_Workshop_in_Language_Description_and_Documentation_Gallery.

--Dorothee Beermann 19:36, 6 April 2011 (UTC)

Do you need help with structuring your TCwiki page?

Nathan Colton has joined TypeCraft to assist you with the structuring of your TCwiki pages.

You might already have noticed that we have started a 'Spring Cleaning' initiative for all TCwiki pages Smiley.jpg.png.

Our main goal is to motivate all of you to start reporting about your annotation projects and linguistic work related to your project. So far we did not look too hard at editorial issues. Also concerning references we have been rather relaxed.

The most important thing is still to get on the wiki and to write about the linguistic challenges that one faces when taking Interlinear Glossing seriously. Yet, with more and more TCwiki pages coming online it becomes important to provide adequate references. Not only the linguistic data, but all information that you give on a TCwiki page needs to be verifiable. For each claim you make you want to use material from the TC database to substantiate your claims. References to published sources are needed. Sometimes secondary sources are named, but not sufficiently references. This has to be changed. Remember also that also picture material integrated into your TCwiki page must be sourced properly.

All questions concerning editing your pages and referencing correctly can now directly be addressed to Nathan. Please use Nathan's TC e-mail to contact him. You find his mail address as a link (E-mail this user) on the navigation bar of Nathan's user page.

Infobox Language available

You now can add a Infobox about your language to your TC-wiki page.

A basic infobox looks as shown below:

{{Infobox language ← this calls the template
|name=name of language ← the name of the language needs to be given
|familycolor=appropriate language family ← refer to the coloured chart to the right (or above, depending on your browser), and type the name shown there (so for example you type: Indo-European); this will add the appropriate family color to the template top
}} ← this ends the template call

You probably would want to add some more parameters to your infobox. You find an overview over possible parameters on the Skeleton Infobox Language page.

Mapping between TypeCraft Glosses and the Gold Ontology

Ontology.jpeg TypeCraft has been updated to GOLD 2010! --Dorothee Beermann 21:03, 22 August 2010 (UTC)


New Workshop at CIIL, Mysore India coming up

Due to time conflicts the workshop has been rescheduled for the spring 2011

TypeCraft Workshop at the Central Institute of Indian Languages

End of October/Beginning of November 2010. More information as it becomes available.

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