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An Edo MatrixGrammar


Ota Ogie

Researcher affiliated with the Department of Language and Communication Studies.

NTNU - e-mail:ota.ogie@hf.ntnu.no

(alternatively you can use the TC-internal e-mail to contact me)

Ota Ogie is developing an Èdó MatrixGrammar based on her Ph.D dissertation Multi-verb constructions in Edo (Ogie 2009a).The grammar is constructed on the LinGo GrammarMatrix (Bender, Flickinger and Oepen 2002, Bender et al 2010) and is based on the Head Driven Phrase Structure Grammar (HPSG) (Pollard and Sag 1994, Sag and Wasow 1999, Sag, Wasow and Bender 2003) and the Linguistic Knowledge Builder (LKB) system (Copestake 2002, Copestake et al 2005). Assumptions are drawn from the NorSource GrammarMatrix (Hellan 2003, Hellan and Haugereid 2003, Hellan and Beermann 2006 etc) and the Ga GrammarMatrix (Kropp Dakubu M.E., Lars, Hellan, and D.Beermann. 2007, Hellan 2007). The grammar performs both parsing and generation and accounts for phenomenon like basic clause syntax, agreement, tone, Tense Aspect and Mood, modification and MVCs(Ogie 2011)media:An Edo MatrixGrammar.zip.

References for research on Èdó language by Ota Ogie