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My name is Medadi Erisa Ssentanda. I hold a PhD in General Linguistics (Stellenbosch University) in the area of language education. I also have an M.A. (Linguistics) and B. A (Education) from Makerere University. I am a Lecturer in the Department of African Languages, Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda. My mother tongue is Luganda (also known as Ganda).

At the University, I teach: Luganda morphology, Luganda Orthography, Luganda for Scholarly Communication and Introduction to Translation. I a reader in multilingual education and early reading literacy development.

I also have interest in the area of Language Description and Documentation. In addition I love Computer work, research, translation, teaching and learning new things.

Please visit the Luganda page(s) for more information on what I work on here on TypeCraft.