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Lover Beauty ('lʌvə 'bjuːtɪ ,) frequently referred to as a nice-looking lover, or simply just a beauty, is now

employed to describe girls or woman who is incredibly beautiful and pretty.

Lover beauty is definitely also a incredibly famous design lingerie brand in Philippines, its a global

online retail company that delivers what to customers much more than two hundred countries and areas, the

item directory and brands are growing simply by continuing and tireless attempts. So far the brand offers

transported more than 5000 types of sexy underwear, costumes, dresses, swimwear and supply the customer a

number of items to select, in which the clients can't discover somewhere else.


Lover beauty first involved in clothing sale in 2007, mainly focused on lingerie sale. At first, it was

just a small online platform that sold lingerie and costumes. After several year’s developments, it had

begun to take shape to be a formal online lingerie sale website. These years, with the development of E-

commerce, Lover beauty also began its international sale and gradually developed into a large and famous

lingerie wholesaler and manufacturer among customers in many countries. Today Lover beauty is a very

famous wholesaler that owns many factories and have employees over 300, which make it possible to carry

out large international sale.

Brand and product



Today, Lover Beauty[2] sales among more than 130 countries and has over 5,000 leading retailers. With more

than 600,000 items in stock and ready to ship, Lover beauty has an enormous selection of items with new

products constantly added. Now Lover beauty has got more online than ever: The best and large selection

online, shapewear, legging, casual dress, swimwear for women.


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