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TypeGram - a typological grammar accommodating all known verb argument structures cross-linguistically

The grammar is built on the LKB platform, and is in spirit much connected to the DELPH-IN consortium, but in practice differs from the grammars developed there in

- defining a type system directly applicable to (in principle) all languages

- defining all templates and labels in the Construction Labeling system as types available to grammars

- using a much simpler feature geometry then what is adopted in the 'Matrix' system ('HPSG Grammar Matrix')

- as a 'language neutral' test suite, it uses expressions close to what one finds in annotated gloss lines of actual language data; thus, all root lexemes are English roots, and no expression is overtly indexed as to which language(s) it may be instantiated in.

Apart from these points, it is to be regarded as an HPSG grammar, but primarily anchored in constructions rather than lexical items. (One could call it a Construction Based Sign Grammar (CBSG).)

The following files can be consulted for a preview of the system:

The AVM format is presented in ... (lecture notes from the LING1111 course taught at NTNU Spring semester 2009).

A test suite for the grammar, as designed by August 2009, is presented in ...