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TypeCraft uses the Infobox books to provide metadata information for the Category:Interlinear Glossed Text from Linguistic Research. In the template below you see which parameters you can add to this template.


| name             = 
| image            = <!-- include the picture file and determine the size; e.g.: [[File:Example.jpg|200px|Cover]] -->
| image_caption    = 


  • name Title of the article or book that the Interlinear Glossed Text (IGT) was taken from. If this parameter is left blank, the title will be inherited from page title.
  • image' Image (might be this is important for rare sources). Load the picture to the TypeCraft wiki and create an internal link to the picture [[Image: example.jpg|200px|Cover]]
  • image_captionImage caption (should describe the edition used)
  • typeType refers to different forms of publications: Possible entries are: [in-book|book|article|proceedings|manuscript|PhD-thesis]]
  • author Author of the article that contained the IGT.
  • editor=

|pub_title= |publisher= |pub_date= |pages= |volume= |country= |isbn= |oclc= |dewey= |congress= |annotator= |corpus= |language= |series= |subject= |genre= |media_type= |preceded_by= |followed_by=