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Spellchecker for Luganda - Pilot

A pilot for a spellchecker for Luganda can be found at https://orto.polytext.io

You print (or paste) a word or sequence of words into the open line area, and get a response in the larger field. If the expression is correctly spelled, just the expression is shown. If any word is misspelled, the word is shown with a red line underneath, and with suggestions for how it may be correctly spelled.

Note that the system is for word spelling only, not for syntax. Thus the sentence (https://tc.polytext.io/tc2/ntceditor.html#4141,629893)

Ku lunaku Kaweesi lwe yattibwa, obujulizi bulaga nga bofiisa baayogera n ’ abagambibwa 
okuba abatemu era obujurizi bulaga nga beekubira emirundi 31
The day Kaweesi was killed evidence indicates that the police officers spoke with the alleged 
killers and evidence further indicates that they phoned each other 31 times.)

is both grammatically correct and with correct spelling of each word, and comes in the response field as unmarked. However, a scrambling of the words but retaining the spelling of each word will in effect also come in the response field as unmarked for mistakes. Thus, the system only looks at word internal spelling.