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NorVal resources

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This page describes resources related to the Norwegian Valence Catalogue NorVal.

An exhaustive description is given in:

Hellan L. (2022) A Valence Catalogue for Norwegian. In: Loukanova R. (eds) Natural Language Processing in Artificial Intelligence — NLPinAI 2021. NLPinAI 2021. Studies in Computational Intelligence, vol 999. Springer, Cham. https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-030-90138-7_3

with exemplifying files in:

Supplementary Data for 'A valence catalogue for Norwegian': https://doi.org/10.18710/8U3L2U.


NorVal represents the valence frames of about 6300 Norwegian verbs. The number of frame types used in their classification is about 300, representing:

- valence profiles like intransitive, transitive, ditransitive, 
copular, and more; 
- grammatical functions such as ‘subject’, ‘object’, etc.;
- for an argument to be noun-headed vs. being an embedded clause 
(declarative, interrogative, or infinitival, in canonical or 
‘extraposed’ position); 
- for an argument to relate syntactically and semantically to 
the same predicate or not;
- occurrence of particles;
- all basic structures of ‘Logical Form’ regarding argument structure. 

Not included in the lexical descriptions are senses, in the sense of definitions, paraphrases or synonyms, hence it is not a dictionary in the normal sense. For this reason, and due to its stripped-down formalism, we rather call it a valence catalogue.

Given that a verb can have more than one valence frame, a valence resource needs two kinds of entries, viz. entries for verb lemmas, and entries for a verb with a given frame; the latter we refer to as a ‘lexically instantiated valence frame’, for short lexval. The former we refer to as a valpod.

The notion 'lexval'

The format of a lexval entry is illustrated by one of the frame environments for the verb lemma huske ‘remember’ in (2), instantiating the general coding pattern in (1):

(1)  Schema of a lexval:   
      Lemma – selectedItem (if any) __ FrameType
(2)   Example of a lexval:   

(2) reads as an entry with the lemma huske, the selected item (‘on’), and the frame type ‘'intransitive with oblique, where the oblique argument consists of the preposition and a declarative clause", as in (3):

(3) 	Han husket på at det var søndag  ‘He remembered that it was Sunday’

The notion 'valpod'

The format of a multivalent verb lemma entry is illustrated in (4), where each constituting lexval is represented with ‘V’ as placeholder for the lemma (‘'EqSuInf’' stands for ‘infinitive equi-controlled by subject’). The structure of a valpod is essentially a set, although represented with ordering conventions among its members (e.g., intransitives before transitives).

(4)   huske:V__intr & V-på__intrObl-oblDECL & V-på__intrObl-oblEqSuInf & V-på__intrObl-oblINTERR & V-på__intrObl-oblN & V__tr & V__tr-obDECL & V__tr-obEqSuInf & V__tr-obINTERR

There are as many valpods as there are lemmas, i.e., 6300; the number of multi-membered valpods (like (4)) is about 3360.

Notation for frame types

The notation for frame types uses the system Construction Labeling (‘CL’) (cf. Hellan and Dakubu 2010, Dakubu and Hellan 2017, and Hellan 2019), which characterizes verb-headed constructions and verb valence frames through strings of symbols built up in the following way:

   Head-POS – GlobalLabel – ArgumentLabel1- ArgumentLabel2 - …

An ArgumentLabel describes a constituent of the construction or frame, while a GlobalLabel represents a categorization of the construction or frame as a whole. Thus, for the description of the object of a clause or frame we use an ArgumentLabel, while in characterizing the clause or frame as a whole as transitive we use a GlobalLabel.

ArgumentLabels are composed of a prefix indicating the grammatical function (GF) of the constituent, followed by one or more parts indicating inherent properties of the constituent. For instance, obDECL is an ArgumentLabel with ob as GF-indicating prefix and DECL indicating that the constituent is a declarative clause.

GlobalLabels consist minimally of a symbol for overall valence, such as tr for ‘transitive’, in many cases with additional symbols indicating further structure. Thus, the frame representation intrObl-oblDECL in (2) has intrObl as GlobalLabel.

Illustrations and annotation in corpora

Sentence sets illustrating earlier versions are found at Verbconstructions Norwegian - all types and Verbconstructions cross-linguistically - Introduction. A corpus of 22,000 sentences annotated with the code can be accessed as described at Norwegian Valency Corpus. These sentences in addition all have morphological annotation.

The files constituting NorVal

The resource concretely consists of five files, as follows:

'lexvals-pure': a list of currently 15,753 lexval entries in the style of (2) above;
'lexvals-exemplified': the same entries as in ‘lexvals-pure’, exemplified with a 
short sentence;
'multivals': a list of all multi-membered valpods (defined relative to 3,360 lemmas);
'univals': a list of all uni-membered valpods (defined relative to 2,970 lemmas);
'valtypes_exemplified': a list of the 300 frame types, each with a lexval entry, and 
an example;

They are all text-files, the last one also in xl format. They are as yet not accessible through a web interface.

Feature Structures for Frame Types defined in NorVal

The grammatical basis for the choices of frame type labels as applied to Norwegian are described in Hellan 2021a. General descriptions of the labeling system are given in Hellan and Dakubu 2010 and Dakubu and Hellan 2017.

The system is related to an architecture of Typed Feature Structures, and a complete set of attribute-value matrices (AVMs) following this architecture can be downloaded at

  Frame types as feature structures 

in a tabular view synchronized with the table below. (These AVMs are sustained by two computational grammars based on Typed Feature Structures. One, called ‘TypeGram’ (‘tg’), is technically fairly simple, and includes specifications of valence frame types for a wider array of languages; for description and download, see TypeGram; the design of the grammar is described in Hellan (2019). The other grammar, called ‘NorSource’, is a large scale grammar for Norwegian (cf. Hellan and Bruland 2015). It includes the ‘TypeGram’ analytic design alongside the more complex architectures of standard HPSG-based computational grammars (cf. Copestake 2002) , and also produces ‘Logical Forms’ of the type represented in ‘Minimal Recursion Semantics’ (MRS; cf. Copestake et al. 2005). A web application where, e.g., the example sentences in the table below can be parsed and displayed for their MRS, is found on http://regdili.hf.ntnu.no:8081/linguisticAce/parse. )

The table below lists the frame types currently defined in NorVal, with some additions to the file valtypes_exemplified mentioned above; it will be updated from time to time. Along with each type is entered an example, an English translation of the example, a lexval instantiating the type, and the number of instances of the type in the catalogue.

Note that most types are instantiated by many more verbs than the one offered in the example sentence. Also notice that more than half of the verbs have other frames than the frame in which they occur in the example.


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Creating a Norwegian valence corpus from a deep grammar. In Human Language Technology. 
Challenges for Computer Science and Linguistics. 8th Language & Technology Conferene, 
LTC2017. Springer 2020 ISBN 978-3-030-66526-5.


In the translations, a symbol 'R', 'P', 'L', 'T', 'I', or 'NS' added to a verb or a preposition means that the verb, or preposition, differs in valence from the Norwegian counterpart with respect to, respectively, reflexive, preposition, particle, finite complementizer, infinitival marker, non-split predicate.

Copula constructions

Frame type Example sentence English translation Lexval for head Inst
copAdj dette blir hyggelig this will be nice bli__copAdj 2
copAdj-suDECL at det etableres en god praksis blir avgjørende that a good practice gets established is decisive bli__copAdj-suDECL 2
copAdj-suINTERR hvem som vinner blir avgjørende who wins will be decisive bli__copAdj-suINTERR 2
copAdv hun blir her she remains here bli__copAdv 2
copExpnAdj-expnAbsinf det er hyggelig å løpe maraton it is nice to run marathon være__copExpnAdj-expnAbsinf 2
copExpnAdj-expnDECL det er hyggelig at hun vant it is nice that she won være__copExpnAdj-expnDECL 2
copExpnAdj-expnINTERRwh det er uvisst hvem som vinner it is uncertain who will win være__copExpnAdj-expnINTERRwh 2
copExpnAdj-expnINTERRyn det er uvisst om hun vinner it is uncertain whether she will win være__copExpnAdj-expnINTERRyn 2
copExpnN-expnAbsinf det blir en ære å motta gjesteforskerinvitasjoner it becomes an honor to receive guest researcher invitations bli__copExpnN-expnAbsinf 2
copExpnN-expnDECL det blir en ære at dere inviterer meg it becomes an honor that you invite me bli__copExpnN-expnDECL 2
copExpnN-expnINTERRwh det blir et hovedspørsmål hvem som snakker it becomes a main theme who talks bli__copExpnN-expnINTERRwh 2
copExpnN-expnINTERRyn det blir et hovedspørsmål om han fortsetter it becomes a main theme if he continues bli__copExpnN-expnINTERRyn 2
copExpnPP-expnDECL det blir under tvil at han fortsetter it will be under doubt that he continues bli__copExpnPP-expnDECL 2
copExpnPP-expnINTERRyn det blir under kontinuerlig vurdering om han fortsetter i stillingen it will be under continued consideration whether he continues in the position bli__copExpnPP-expnINTERRyn 2
copIdAbsinf en slik avtale blir å avbryte samarbeidet such a deal will be to discontinue the cooperation bli__copIdAbsinf 2
copIdAbsinf-suAbsinf å inngå en slik avtale blir å avbryte samarbeidet to enter into such a deal will be to discontinue the cooperation bli__copIdAbsinf-suAbsinf 2
copIdDECL innholdet i avtalen blir at vi frastår eiendommen the content of the deal will be that we relinquish the property bli__copIdDECL 2
copIdN han blir den nye representanten he becomes the new representative bli__copIdN 3
copIdINTERRyn spørsmålet blir om han kommer the question will be whether he comes bli__copIdINTERRyn 2
copIdINTERRwh spørsmålet blir hvem som kommer the question will be who comes bli__copIdINTERRwh 2
copImpersAdjLoc det er fint i Finnmark it is fine in Finnmark være__copImpersAdjLoc 2
copN han er bonde he is a farmer være__copN 5
copN-suAbsinf å inngå denne avtalen er en skandale to enter this deal is a scandal være__copN-suAbsinf 2
copN-suDECL at han får komme er en skandale that he is eligible for coming is a scandal være__copN-suDECL 2
copN-suINTERRwh hvem som vinner er et spørsmål who will win is a question være__copN-suINTERRwh 2
copN-suINTERRyn om han vinner er et spørsmål whether he will win is a question være__copN-suINTERRyn 2
copPP hun er i Finnmark she is in Finnmark være__copPP 2
copPP-suDECL at han får komme er under sterk tvil that he gets admitted is under strong doubt være__copPP-suDECL 2
copPredprtcl hun er som en ninja she is like a ninja være__copPredprtcl 2
copToFind han er å treffe på strandeiendommen he is to be met with at the beach property være__copToFind 2
copToughAdj han er hyggelig å snakke med he is pleasant to talk with være__copToughAdj 2

Ditransitive constructions

Frame type Example sentence English translation Lexval for head Inst
ditr de yter oss kompensasjon they provide us compensation yte__ditr 159
ditr-iobRefl hun lager seg en modell she makes herself a model lage__ditr-iobRefl 84
ditr-iobRefl-obDECL hun merker seg at du kommer he notesR that you are coming merke__ditr-iobRefl-obDECL 12
ditr-iobRefl-obEqIobInf hun motsetter seg å skulle åpne paraden she resistsR to have to open the parade motsette__ditr-iobRefl-obEqIobInf 18
ditr-iobRefl-obINTERR jeg tenker meg hva det er I imagineR what it is tenke__ditr-iobRefl-obINTERR 7
ditr-iobRefl-obINTERRwh han undrer seg hvem som kommer he wondersR who is coming undre__ditr-iobRefl-obINTERRwh 1
ditr-iobRefl-obINTERRyn han undrer seg om vi kommer he wondersR whether we are coming undre__ditr-iobRefl-obINTERRyn 1
ditr-obDECL hun tilgir oss at vi forløp oss she forgives us that we made a faux pas tilgi__ditr-obDECL 28
ditr-obEqIobBareinf hun ber dem komme she asksI them to come be__ditr-obEqIobBareinf 2
ditr-obEqIobInf jeg befaler deg å gå I order you to go befale__ditr-obEqIobInf 33
ditr-obEqSuInf hun garanterer dem å bidra she guarantees them to contribute garantere__ditr-obEqSuInf 4
ditr-obINTERR vi innprenter dem hva som skal gjøres we tell them what is to be done innprente__ditr-obINTERR 12
ditr-obINTERRyn instrumentet viser oss om det blir væromslag the instrument tell sus whether there will be a weather change vise__ditr-obINTERRyn 2
ditr-suAbsinf å si slikt frarøver politikerne respekten to say such things deprivesP politicians of their respect frarøve__ditr-suAbsinf 2
ditr-suDECL at saken gjenåpnes gir oss mot that the case is reopened gives us courage gi__ditr-suDECL 5
ditr-suDECL-obDECL at de er så ekstra vennlige viser oss at de har baktanker that they are so utterly friendly shows us that they have back-thoughts vise__ditr-suDECL-obDECL 1
ditr-suDECL-obINTERR at de er så ekstra vennlige viser oss hvordan de tenker that they applaude shows us how they think vise__ditr-suDECL-obINTERR
ditr-suINTERR hvem som kommer vil vise oss planen who comes will show us the plan vise__ditr-suINTERR 1
ditr-suINTERR-obINTERR hvem som kommer vil vise oss hva som kommer til å skje who comes will show us what will happen vise__ditr-suINTERR-obINTERR 2
ditrExpnSu-obMeas-expnEqIobInf det koster henne mye krefter å slåss alene it costs her much effort to fight alone koste-1__ditrExpnSu-obMeas-expnEqIobInf 2
ditrObl-oblPRTOFiob ekornet kaster oss nøtter i hodet the squirrel throws us nuts on our heads kaste__ditrObl-oblPRTOFiob 2
impers det hagler it hails hagle__impers 102
impersObl-oblN det går i døren “someone moves by the door” gå-i__impersObl-oblN 72
impersPrtcl det tykner til “it gets more overcast” tykne-til__impersPrtcl 5

Intransitive constructions

Frame type Example sentence English translation Lexval for head Inst
intr klærne tørker the clothes dry tørke__intr 2096
intr-RESULT pengebidragene innløper the cash contributions comeL in innløpe__intr-RESULT 13
intr-suAbsinf å slåss alene koster to fight alone costs koste-1__intr-suAbsinf 4
intr-suDECL at noe holdes skjult ryktes that something is kept secret is rumouredNS ryktes__intr-suDECL 6
intr-suDir de ryker ut av turneringen they drop out of the tournament ryke__intr-suDir 241
intr-suDirTemp møtet varer til middag the meeting lasts until dinner vare-1__intr-suDirTemp 3
intr-suINTERR hva som vil skje nå spørs what will now happenNS is a question spørs__intr-suINTERR 1
intrAdv det ender godt it ends well ende__intrAdv 8
intrAdvExpn-expnDECL det skjer ofte at folk blir syke it often happens that people get sick skje__intrAdvExpn-expnDECL 4
intrAdvPresnt det skjer ofte ulykker there often occur accidents skje__intrAdvPresnt 1
intrAdv-suDECL at folk blir syke skjer ofte that people get sick often happens skje__intrAdv-suDECL 4
intrAuxmodScpr-scSuNrg-scBareinf han skal gå he shall go skulle__intrAuxmodScpr-scSuNrg-scBareinf 5
intrAuxpassScpr-scSuNrg-scPass han er skutt he is shot være__intrAuxpassScpr-scSuNrg-scPass 2
intrAuxperfScpr-scSuNrg-scPerf han har kommet he has come ha-perf__intrAuxperfScpr-scSuNrg-scPerf 7
intrComp-compINTERR hun husker hvem som kommer she recalls who comes huske__intrComp-compINTERR 75
intrComp-suDECL-compINTERR at de støtter ham beviser hvem som står bak that they support him proves who stands behind bevise__intrComp-suDECL-compINTERR 1
intrExpn-expnAbsinf det mankerer å løse den siste oppgaven it fails to solve the last task mankere__intrExpn-expnAbsinf 3
intrExpn-expnDECL det trengs at en spesialist ser på det it is necessaryNS that a specialist looks at it trengs__intrExpn-expnDECL 6
intrExpn-expnINTERR det ryktes hva som holdes skjult it is rumouredNS what is being kept hidden ryktes__intrExpn-expnINTERR 1
intrLghtScpr-scAdj kjelleren står tom the basement stands empty stå__intrLghtScpr-scAdj 2
intrLghtScpr-scPredprtcl han debuterer som aktør she makes debutNS as author debutere-som__intrLghtScpr-scPredprtcl 1
intrLghtScpr-scSuNrg-scPredprtcl han fremstår som hovedtaler he stands upNS as main speaker fremstå-som__intrLghtScpr-scSuNrg-scPredprtcl 12
intrObl-oblAbsinf de bidrar til å løse problemene they contribute toI solving the problems bidra-til__intrObl-oblAbsinf 102
intrObl-oblDECL de blånekter på at de visste noe they denyP that they knew something blånekte-på__intrObl-oblDECL 257
intrObl-oblEqSuInf de bløffer om å ville nå klimamålene they bluff aboutI wishing to reach the climate goals bløffe-om__intrObl-oblEqSuInf 226
intrObl-oblINTERRyn de fabler om hvorvidt de kan oppfinne en ny art they fabulate about whether they can create a new species fable-om__intrObl-oblINTERR 216
intrObl-oblINTERRwh utfallet vil avhenge av hvem som kommer the outcome will depend on who comes avhenge-av__intrObl-oblINTERRwh 1
intrObl-oblLoc de bor her they live here bo__intrObl-oblLoc 32
intrObl-oblN han bommer på målet he missedP the taerget bomme-på__intrObl-oblN 1171
intrObl-oblN-ACTIVITY hun spiser på brødstykket he eats of the bread spise-på__intrObl-oblN-ACTIVITY 3
intrObl-oblPRTOFsu han fryser på ryggen she freezes on her back fryse__intrObl-oblPRTOFsu 2
intrObl-oblRefl han rører på seg he movesP,R røre-på__intrObl-oblRefl 8
intrObl-suAbsinf å spise reker minner om nedlagte havner to eat shrimps reminds (one) if abandoned harbours minne-om__intrObl-suAbsinf 1
intrObl-suDECL-oblDECL at kursen synker tyder på at det verste er over that the price goes down indicatesP that the worst is over tyde-på__intrObl-suDECL-oblDECL 3
intrObl-suDECL-oblN at han fikk jobb beror på deg at he got a job is dueNS to you bero-på__intrObl-suDECL-oblN 2
intrObl-suINTERR-oblINTERR hvem som får kjøre kommer an på om været blir bra who may drive dependsL on whether the weather gets good komme-an-på__intrObl-suINTERR-oblINTERR 2
intrObl-suINTERR-oblN om han får jobb vil avhenge av deg whether he gets a job will depend on you avhenge-av__intrObl-suINTERR-oblN 2
intrObl2-obl1N-obl2Absinf vi konfererer med dem om å finne en løsning we confer with them aboutI finding a solution konferere-med-om__intrObl2-obl1N-obl2Absinf 16
intrObl2-obl1N-obl2DECL vi samtaler med dem om at man kan finne løsninger we talk with them aboutT (the circumstance) that one can find a solution samtale-med-om__intrObl2-obl1N-obl2DECL 11
intrObl2-obl1N-obl2EqObl1Inf vi skjenner på dem for å ha knust ruten we scoldP them forI having broken the window glass skjenne-på-for__intrObl2-obl1N-obl2EqObl1Inf 3
intrObl2-obl1N-obl2EqSuInf de forhandler med geriljaen om å kunne komme ut they negotiate with the guerilla aboutI getting out forhandle-med-om__intrObl2-obl1N-obl2EqSuInf 7
intrObl2-obl1N-obl2INTERR vi underhandler med dem om hvorvidt vi kan få visse fordeler we negotiate with them about whether we can get certain advantages underhandle-med-om__intrObl2-obl1N-obl2INTERR 26
intrObl2-obl1N-obl2N de kappkjører med prinsen om prisen they race with the prince about the prize kappkjøre-med-om__intrObl2-obl1N-obl2N 28
intrOblExlnk-oblExlnkAbsinf det dages for å starte det endelige slag it is timeNS forI starting the final battle dages-for__intrOblExlnk-oblExlnkAbsinf 2
intrOblExlnk-oblExlnkDECL det heller mot at det blir ekstraomganger it tends towards that there will be extra time helle-mot__intrOblExlnk-oblExlnkDECL 4
intrOblExlnk-oblExlnkINTERR det dages for hvordan rettferdighet kan skje fyldest it is timeNS for how justice can be honored dages-for__intrOblExlnk-oblExlnkINTERR 1
intrOblExpn-expnDECL det avhenger av deg at turen går bra it depends on you that the trip goes well avhenge-av__intrOblExpn-expnDECL 2
intrOblExpn-expnINTERRwh det avhenger av deg hvem som vil vinne it depends on you who will win avhenge-av__intrOblExpn-expnINTERRwh 2
intrOblExpn-expnINTERRyn det vil avhenge av deg om turen går bra it will depend on you whether the voyage goes well avhenge-av__intrOblExpn-expnINTERRyn 2
intrOblExpn-oblINTERRwh-expnINTERRwh det vil bero på hvem som kommer hvem som vil vinne it will depend on who comes who will win bero-på__intrOblExpn-oblINTERRwh-expnINTERRwh 2
intrOblExpn-oblINTERRwh-expnINTERRyn det vil avhenge av hvem som kommer hvorvidt vi får delta it will depend on who comes whether we may participate avhenge-av__intrOblExpn-oblINTERRwh-expnINTERRyn 2
intrOblExpn-oblINTERRyn-expnINTERRwh det vil avhenge av hvorvidt vi deltar hvem som vil vinne it will depend on whether we participate who will win avhenge-av__intrOblExpn-oblINTERRyn-expnINTERRwh 2
intrOblExpn-oblINTERRyn-expnINTERRyn det vil avhenge av hvorvidt vi deltar om de vil vinne it will depend on whether we participate who will win avhenge-av__intrOblExpn-oblINTERRyn-expnINTERRyn 2
intrOblRais-oblRaisInf det tegner til å bli uvær it seemsP to become bad weather tegne-til__intrOblRais-oblRaisInf 6
intrPath-suDir-PUREORIENTATION pilen peker mot øst the arrow points towards east peke__intrPath-suDir-PUREORIENTATION 2
intrPresnt det trengs en spesialist il faut un specialist trengs__intrPresnt 16
intrPresnt-RESULT det hensvinner bevis there disappears ocean ice hensvinne__intrPresnt-RESULT 9
intrPresntDir det hopper en katt opp i stolen there jumps a cat into the chair sprette__intrPresntDir 8
intrPresntLoc det står en kommode her there stands a chest of drawers here stå__intrPresntLoc 7
intrPresntObl-oblDECL det verserer rykter om at han kommer there are circulating rumours aboutT him coming versere-om__intrPresntObl-oblDECL 1
intrPresntObl-oblINTERR det verserer rykter om hva vi har i vente there are circulating rumours about what we may expect versere-om__intrPresntObl-oblINTERR 1
intrPresntObl-oblN det verserer rykter om ham there are circulating rumours about him versere-om__intrPresntObl-oblN 1
intrPrtcl de viker unna they shy away vike-unna__intrPrtcl 253
intrPrtcl-SUSTAINEDACTIVITY han holder på he keeps on holde-på__intrPrtcl-SUSTAINEDACTIVITY 1
intrPrtclExpn-expnAbsinf det hører med å snakke med pressen it belongsL to talk with the press høre-med__intrPrtclExpn-expnAbsinf 1
intrPrtclExpn-expnDECL det hører med at pressen stiller opp it belongsL that the press appears høre-med__intrPrtclExpn-expnDECL 1
intrPrtclObl-oblAbsinf de rakker ned på å samle inn penger they slanderL,P,I collecting money rakke-ned-på__intrPrtclObl-oblAbsinf 4
intrPrtclObl-oblDECL vi ripper opp i at saken aldri be etterforsket we rip up inT the case being never investigated rippe-opp-i__intrPrtclObl-oblDECL 12
intrPrtclObl-oblEqSuInf vi sjalter over til å snakke positivt we switch over toI talking positively sjalte-over-til__intrPrtclObl-oblEqSuInf 14
intrPrtclObl-oblINTERR vi skværer opp i hvordan vi driver klubben we set straightNS,L,I how we run the club skvære-opp-i__intrPrtclObl-oblINTERR 12
intrPrtclObl-oblINTERRwh dette vil komme an på hvem som kommer this dependsL on who comes komme-an-på__intrPrtclObl-oblINTERRwh 1
intrPrtclObl-oblINTERRyn dette vil komme an på om været blir bra this dependsL on whether the weather is ok komme-an-på__intrPrtclObl-oblINTERRyn 1
intrPrtclObl-oblLoc den munner ut i Rhinen the river runs out in the Rhine munne-ut-i__intrPrtclObl-oblLoc 1
intrPrtclObl-oblN vi ripper opp i saken we rip up in the case rippe-opp-i__intrPrtclObl-oblN 50
intrPrtclObl-oblPRTOFsu kvisten knekker av på midten the branch breaks off in the middle knekke-av__intrPrtclObl-oblPRTOFob 1
intrPrtclObl-suDECL-oblN at han får denne jobben kommer an på anbefalingene that he gets the job dependsL on the recommendations komme-an-på__intrPrtclObl-suDECL-oblN 1
intrPrtclObl-suINTERR-oblN om han får jobb vil komme an på deg whether he gets the job dependsL on you komme-an-på__intrPrtclObl-suINTERR-oblN 1
intrPrtclOblExpn-expnDECL det kommer an på deg at denne turen går bra it dependsL on you that this tour goes well komme-an-på__intrPrtclOblExpn-expnDECL 1
intrPrtclOblExpn-expnINTERRwh det vil komme an på deg hvem som vinner it dependsL on you who will win komme-an-på__intrPrtclOblExpn-expnINTERRwh 1
intrPrtclOblExpn-expnINTERRyn det vil komme an på deg om turen går bra it dependsL on you whether this tour goes well komme-an-på__intrPrtclOblExpn-expnINTERRyn 1
intrPrtclOblExpn-oblINTERRwh-expnINTERRwh det vil komme an på hvem som kommer hvem som vil vinne it dependsL on who comes who will win komme-an-på__intrPrtclOblExpn-oblINTERRwh-expnINTERRwh 1
intrPrtclOblExpn-oblINTERRwh-expnINTERRyn det vil komme an på hvem som kommer hvorvidt vi vil vinne it dependsL on who comes whether we will win komme-an-på__intrPrtclOblExpn-oblINTERRwh-expnINTERRyn 1
intrPrtclOblExpn-oblINTERRyn-expnINTERRwh det vil komme an på hvorvidt vi deltar hvem som vil vinne it dependsL on whether we participate who will win komme-an-på__intrPrtclOblExpn-oblINTERRyn-expnINTERRwh 1
intrPrtclOblExpn-oblINTERRyn-expnINTERRyn det vil komme an på hvorvidt vi deltar om de vinner it dependsL on whether we participate whether they will win komme-an-på__intrPrtclOblExpn-oblINTERRyn-expnINTERRyn 1
intrPrtclOblRais-oblRaisInf det ser ut til å regne it seemsL,P to rain se-ut-til__intrPrtclOblRais-oblRaisInf 2
intrPrtclScpr-scSuNrg-scAdj han ser syk ut he looksL ill se-ut__intrPrtclScpr-scSuNrg-scAdj 2
intrPrtclScpr-scSuNrg-scPredprtclN hun ser ut som en vinner she looksL like a winner se-ut-som__intrPrtclScpr-scSuNrg-scPredprtclN 2
intrPrtclScpr-scSuNrg-scPredprtclS hun ser ut som hun sitter she looksL like she sits se-ut-som__intrPrtclScpr-scSuNrg-scPredprtclS 4
intrScpr-scPredprtcl han fungerer som forsanger he functions as lead singer fungere-som__intrScpr-scPredprtcl 4
intrScpr-scSuNrgCsd-scAdv landsbyen sner inne the village snows under sne-inne__intrScpr-scSuNrgCsd-scAdv 4
intrScpr-scSuNrgCsd-scPred motoren går varm the motor runs hot gå__intrScpr-scSuNrgCsd-scPred 3
intrScpr-scSuNrg-scDir hun må vekk she must off måtte__intrScpr-scSuNrg-scDir 4
intrScpr-scSuNrg-scInf oppskriften synes å fungere the recipe seems to work synes__intrScpr-scSuNrg-scInf 3
intrScpr-scSuNrg-scN han synes en snill prest he seems like a kind priest synes__intrScpr-scSuNrg-scN 1
intrScpr-scSuNrg-scPred han tykkes glad he seems happy tykkes__intrScpr-scSuNrg-scPred 10
intrScpr-scSuNrg-scPredprtcl vi opptrer som forsøkspersoner we figure as research subjects opptre-som__intrScpr-scSuNrg-scPredprtcl 3
intrScpr-scSuNrg-scPredprtclN det lyder som et signal it sounds like a signal lyde-som__intrScpr-scSuNrg-scPredprtclN 4
intrScpr-scSuNrg-scPredprtclS hun lyder som hun er redd she sounds as if she is afraid lyde-som__intrScpr-scSuNrg-scPredprtclS 7
intrScprExpn-scAdj-expnAbsinf det synes fristende å prøve igjen it seems tempting to try again synes__intrScprExpn-scAdj-expnAbsinf 1
intrScprExpn-scAdj-expnDECL det virker rart at de får komme it seems strange that they are allowed virke__intrScprExpn-scAdj-expnDECL 2
intrScprExpn-scAdj-expnINTERR det virker tvilsomt om dette vil virke it seems dubious whether this will work virke__intrScprExpn-scAdj-expnINTERR 2

Transitive constructions

Frame type Example sentence English translation Lexval for head Inst
tr de herder metallet they harden the metal herde__tr 4662
tr-obAbsinf han simulerer å være syk he simulates to be sick simulere__tr-obAbsinf 26
tr-obDECL han simulerer at han er syk he simulates that he is sick simulere__tr-obDECL 362
tr-obDECL-obV vi tror han kommer we think he comes tro__tr-obDECL-obV 8
tr-obDir vi tømmer innholdet ut i elven we empty the content out into the river tømme__tr-obDir 152
tr-obEqBareinf hun tør komme she dares come tore__tr-obEqBareinf 2
tr-obEqSuInf hun unnlater å melde seg she fails to report unnlate__tr-obEqSuInf 125
tr-obEventunit de dør en pinefull død they die a painful death dø__tr-obEventunit 2
tr-obINTERR de eliminerer hva som finnes av utveier they eliminate who may have done it eliminere__tr-obINTERR 181
tr-obRefl hun forkjøler seg she getsR,NS a cold forkjøle__tr-obRefl 666
tr-obRefl-obDir hun karer seg til uthuset she scrambles herself to the outhouse kare__tr-obRefl-obDir 13
tr-suAbsinf å drive storgård koster penger to run a big farm costs money koste-1__tr-suAbsinf 5
tr-suAbsinf-obAbsinf å slutte betyr å gi opp to stop means to give up bety__tr-suAbsinf-obAbsinf 1
tr-suDECL at han sang foran kirkedøren forarget mange that he sang before the church door angered many forarge__tr-suDECL 34
tr-suDECL-obDECL at regnskapet stemmer impliserer at han har snakket sant that the accounts are correct implies that he has spoken the truth implisere__tr-suDECL-obDECL 11
tr-suDir båten ankommer byen the boat arrivesP to the city ankomme__tr-suDir 5
tr-suDir-obLengthunit han hopper fem meter he jumps five metres hoppe__tr-suDir-obLengthunit 5
tr-suDir-obRefl hun lister seg unna she sneaksR away liste__tr-suDir-obRefl 3
tr-suEqObInf å høre så vakker sang huger meg to hear such a beautiful song pleases me huge__tr-suEqObInf 7
tr-suINTERR hvem som kommer vil indikere planen deres who comes will indicate the plan indikere__tr-suINTERR 4
tr-suINTERR-obINTERR hvem som kommer vil antyde hva vi kan vente who comes will indicate what we should expect antyde__tr-suINTERR-obINTERR 2
trAdv vi rangerer henne høyt we rank her high rangere__trAdv 7
trAdv-obRefl han skikker seg vel he behavesR well skikke__trAdv-obRefl 8
trExpnOb-expnAbsinf de umuliggjør det å finne en fredsplan they makeNS it impossible to find a peace plan umuliggjøre__trExpnOb-expnAbsinf 2
trExpnOb-expnCOND jeg beklager det om du føler deg forbigått I regret it if you feel neglected beklage__trExpnOb-expnCOND 1
trExpnOb-expnDECL jeg beklager det at du føler deg forbigått I regret it that you feel neglected beklage__trExpnOb-expnDECL 3
trExpnSu-expnAbsinf det mangler å løse den siste oppgaven it fails to solve the last task mangle__trExpnSu-expnAbsinf 2
trExpnSu-expnCOND det forundrer meg om du kommer it astonishes mei f you come forundre__trExpnSu-expnCOND 1
trExpnSu-expnDECL det gagner oss at de flytter hit it benefits us that they move here gagne__trExpnSu-expnDECL 32
trExpnSu-expnEqObInf det gleder dem å bli omtalt slik it pleases them to be talked about like that glede__trExpnSu-expnEqObInf 17
trExpnSu-expnINTERR det ryster oss hvor dårlig ledelsen er organisert it shakes us how badly the leadership is organized ryste__trExpnSu-expnINTERR 2
trExpnSu-expnINTERRwh det aner dem hva som vil skje it occursP to them what will happen ane__trExpnSu-expnINTERRwh 5
trExpnSu-expnINTERRyn det angår dem hvorvidt du kommer it concerns them whether you come angå__trExpnSu-expnINTERRyn 2
trExpnSu-obMeas-expnAbsinf det tar tre timer å gå dit it takes three hours to go there ta__trExpnSu-obMeas-expnAbsinf 2
trExpnSu-obRefl-expnAbsinf det anstår seg å gå i hvitt it behooves itself to go in white anstå__trExpnSu-obRefl-expnAbsinf 7
trExpnSu-obRefl-expnDECL det høver seg at man går i hvitt it behooves itself that one goes in white høve__trExpnSu-obRefl-expnDECL 9
trExpnSu-obRefl-expnINTERRwh det syner seg hvem som kommer it shows itself who comes syne__trExpnSu-obRefl-expnINTERRwh 2
trExpnSu-obRefl-expnINTERRyn det syner seg om det fins håp it shows itself whether there is hope syne__trExpnSu-obRefl-expnINTERRyn 2
trImpers-obRefl det ordner seg it arranges itself ordne__trImpers-obRefl 4
trObl-obAbsinf-oblAbsinf man kan ikke ekvivalere å trene med å øve one cannot equivalateI training withI practizing ekvivalere-med__trObl-obAbsinf-oblAbsinf 3
trObl-obAbsinf-oblN man kan ikke ekvivalere å trene med øving one cannot equivalateI training with practice ekvivalere-med__trObl-obAbsinf-oblN 3
trObl-obDECL-oblN de henstiller til dem at det utvises måtehold they urgeP them that restraint be exercized henstille-om__trObl-obDECL-oblN 6
trObl-obEqOblInf-oblN de overlater til bøndene å finne en løsning they leave to the farmers to find a new solution overlate-til__trObl-obEqOblInf-oblN 3
trObl-obEqSuInf-oblEqSuInf vi velger å ta kveldstjeneste fremfor å stå vakt we choose evening service beforeI standing guard velge-fremfor__trObl-obEqSuInf-oblEqSuInf 2
trObl-obEqSuInf-oblN vi velger å ta kveldstjeneste fremfor utmarsj we choose to take evening service before march velge-fremfor__trObl-obEqSuInf-oblN 2
trObl-obEqSuInf-oblRefl hun koster på seg å kjøpe en ny bil she affordsP,R to buy a new car koste-1-på__trObl-obEqSuInf-oblRefl 1
trObl-obINTERR-oblN vi foreslår for turistene hva de bør gjøre we propose for the tourists what they should do foreslå-for__trObl-obINTERR-oblN 1
trObl-oblAbsinf vi kurser dem i å arrangere foredrag we educate them inI arranging talks kurse-i__trObl-oblAbsinf 32
trObl-oblDECL vi lønner dem for at de gjorde arbeidet we compensate them forT doing the work lønne-for__trObl-oblDECL 96
trObl-oblEqObInf vi lønner dem for å ha gjort arbeidet we compensate them forI having done the work lønne-for__trObl-oblEqObInf 220
trObl-oblEqSuInf de overrasker oss med å levere fullt regnskap they surprise us withI delivering a full account overraske-med__trObl-oblEqSuInf 26
trObl-oblINTERR de rettleder dem i hvordan man setter opp regnskap they guide them in how one sets up accounts rettlede-i__trObl-OblINTERR 90
trObl-oblLoc vi utplasserer dem i skogen we locate them in the forest utplassere__trObl-oblLoc 18
trObl-oblN vi innkaller dem til møte we summon them to a meeting innkalle-til__trObl-oblN 709
trObl-oblPRTOFob han dunker dem i ryggen he bangs them in their backs dunke__trObl-oblPRTOFob 50
trObl-oblRefl de rasker med seg eiendelene they shuffle with them the belongings raske-med__trObl-oblRefl 6
trObl-obRefl-oblAbsinf de ytrer seg om å beholde naturens likevekt they pronounce themselves aboutI keeping the balance of nature ytre-om__trObl-obRefl-oblAbsinf 11
trObl-obRefl-oblDECL han akker seg over at administrasjonen er inkompetent he rantsR aboutT the administration being incompetent akke-over__trObl-obRefl-oblDECL 81
trObl-obRefl-oblEqObInf han akker seg over å måtte sitte i flere møter he rantsR aboutI having to sit in more meetings akke-over__trObl-obRefl-oblEqObInf 207
trObl-obRefl-oblINTERR hun avfinner seg med hva hun blir tilbudt she resignsR to what she receives avfinne-med__trObl-obRefl-oblINTERR 78
trObl-obRefl-oblLoc hun befinner seg i Afrika she isR in Africa befinne__trObl-obRefl-oblLoc 15
trObl-obRefl-oblN hun beflitter seg med oppgaven she busies herself with the task beflitte-med__trObl-obRefl-oblN 397
trObl-obRefl-oblPRTOFob hun holder seg for nesen she holdsR,P her nose holde__trObl-obRefl-oblPRTOFob 27
trObl-suDECL at dødstallene går ned overbeviser oss om denne fremgangsmåten that the death tolls go down convinces us about this procedure overbevise-om__trObl-suDECL 1
trObl-suDECL-oblDECL at dødstallene går ned overbeviser oss om at denne fremgangsmåten er riktig that the death tolls go down convinces us aboutT this procedure being right overbevise-om__trObl-suDECL-oblDECL 1
trObl-suDECL-oblEqObInf at tilhengerne jubler ansporer ham til å fokusere skikkelig that the fans are cheering spurs him toI focus properly anspore-til__trObl-suDECL-oblEqObInf 5
trObl-suDECL-oblINTERR at dødstallene går ned overbeviser oss om hvilken fremgangsmåten som er riktig that the death tolls go down convinces us about which procedure is right overbevise-om__trObl-suDECL-oblINTERR 1
trObl-suDECL-oblN at tilhengerne jubler ansporer ham til innsats that the fans are cheering spurs him to further effort anspore-til__trObl-suDECL-oblN 7
trObl-suEqObInf-oblEqObInf å bruke munnbind avholder oss fra å avbryte hearing the cheering keepsI us fromI quitting avholde-fra__trObl-suEqObInf-oblEqObInf 7
trObl-suEqObInf-oblN å være nedvurdert forhindrer dem fra rettferdig dømming being underestimated preventsI them from fair judging forhindre-fra__trObl-suEqObInf-oblN 7
trObl2-obl1N-obl2DECL vi stevner dem for retten for at de har bespottet gud we drag them to court forT having committed blasphemy stevne-for-for__trObl2-obl1N-obl2DECL 3
trObl2-obl1N-obl2EqObInf vi stevner dem for retten for å ha bespottet gud we drag them to court forT having committed blasphemy stevne-for-for__trObl2-obl1N-obl2EqObInf 3
trObl2-obl1N-obl2INTERR vi innklager dem til domstolen for hva de gjorde med dokumentene we drag them to court for what they did with the documents innklage-til-for__trObl2-obl1N-obl2INTERR 1
trObl2-obl1N-obl2N jeg vedder et stort beløp med Ola på hesten I bet a big amount with Ola on the horse vedde-med-på__trObl2-obl1N-obl2N 2
trObl2-obRefl-obl1N-obl2Absinf de samordner seg med hjelpemannskapene om å finne en løsning they consultR with the rescue forces aboutI finding a solution samordne-med-om__trObl2-obRefl-obl1N-obl2Absinf 3
trObl2-obRefl-obl1N-obl2INTERR hun rådfører seg med dem om hvordan man kan behandle soppskader she consultsR with them about how one can treat fungal damage rådføre-med-om__trObl2-obRefl-obl1N-obl2INTERR 1
trObl2-obRefl-obl1N-obl2N hun rådfører seg med dem om soppskader she consultsR with them about fungal damage rådføre-med-om__trObl2-obRefl-obl1N-obl2N 3
trOblExpnOb-expnAbsinf de overlater det til bøndene å finne en løsning they leave it to the farmers to find a solution overlate-til__trOblExpnOb-expnAbsinf 1
trOblExpnSu-oblEqObInf-expnDECL det ansporer ham til å fokusere at han får applaus it spurs him toI focus that he gets applause anspore-til__trOblExpnSu-oblEqObInf-expnDECL 7
trOblExpnSu-oblEqObInf-expnEqObInf det ansporer ham til å fokusere å høre tilropene it spurs him toI focus to hear the applause anspore-til__trOblExpnSu-oblEqObInf-expnEqObInf 7
trOblExpnSu-oblN-expnDECL det ansporer ham til innsats at han hører tillropene it spurs him to extra effort that he hears the cheering anspore-til__trOblExpnSu-oblEqObInf-expnDECL 7
trOblExpnSu-oblN-expnEqObInf det ansporer ham til innsats å høre tilropene it spurs him to extra effort to hear the shouts anspore-til__trOblExpnSu-oblN-expnEqObInf 7
trOblRais-oblRaisObInf de vil ha ham til å ha tjent langt mer penger enn oppgitt they allegeP him to have lied ha-til__trOblRais-oblRaisObInf 2
trPath-obDir-ORIENTING hun retter skiltet mot nord she directs the sign towards north rette__trPath-obDir-ORIENTING 1
trPath-obRefl-obDir hun skyver seg frem she pushes herself forward skyve__trPath-obRefl-obDir 76
trPresnt det vil tilfalle oss utbytte there will accrueP to us gains tilfalle__trPresnt 8
trPresntDir-obRefl det smyger seg en katt langs muren there slithers a cat along the wall smyge__trPresntDir-obRefl 3
trPresntLoc-obRefl det oppholder seg en beboer her there staysR an inhabitant here oppholde__trPresntLoc-obRefl 2
trPresnt-obRefl det åpner seg nye muligheter there openR new possibilities åpne__trPresnt-obRefl 3
trPrtcl vi bolter igjen porten we boltL the gate bolte-igjen__trPrtcl 663
trPrtcl-obDECL vi provoserer frem at det blir et brudd we provokeL that there becomes a schism provosere-fram__trPrtcl-obDECL 29
trPrtcl-obEqSuInf de finner på å stenge veiene nå they decideL to close the roads now finne-på__trPrtcl-obEqSuInf 1
trPrtcl-obINTERR vi finner ut hvorvidt de har rett we find out whether they are right finne-ut__trPrtcl-obINTERR 19
trPrtcl-obRefl han skitner seg til he dirtensL himself skitne-til__trPrtcl-obRefl 167
trPrtclExpnOb-expnDECL de vil ha det til at målet var ugyldig they haveP it that the goal was invalid ha-til__trPrtclExpnOb-expnDECL 2
trPrtclObl-obINTERR han lekser opp for oss hva som var gått galt he lists up for us what had gone wrong lekse-opp-for__trPrtclObl-obINTERR 1
trPrtclObl-oblEqObInf vi aler den opp til å løpe veddeløp we breedL it toI do racing ale-opp-til__trPrtclObl-oblEqObInf 6
trPrtclObl-oblINTERR vi fritter dem ut om hvorvidt man kan få finansiering we ask them out about whether one can get financing fritte-ut-om__trPrtclObl-oblINTERR 4
trPrtclObl-oblN han hyrer dem inn til høyonna he hiresL them for the harvesting hyre-inn-til__trPrtclObl-oblN 17
trPrtclObl-oblPRTOFob han knekker den av på midten he breaks it off at the middle knekke-av__trPrtclObl-oblPRTOFob 1
trPrtclObl-obRefl-oblDECL hun hisser seg opp over at han sviktet she getsR,NS angry overT his failing hisse-opp-over__trPrtclObl-obRefl-oblDECL 3
trPrtclObl-obRefl-oblEqObInf han skaper seg om til å bli et mønsterindivid he reshapesL himself toI become a modell individual skape-om-til__trPrtclObl-obRefl-oblEqObInf 9
trPrtclObl-obRefl-oblINTERR hun peiler seg inn på hva de har fore she findsR,P out what they are planning peile-inn-på__trPrtclObl-obRefl-oblINTERR 4
trPrtclObl-obRefl-oblPRTOFob hun skrubber seg opp på kneet she rubsR,L,P her knee skrubbe-opp__trPrtclObl-obRefl-oblPRTOFob 1
trPrtclObl-obRefl-oblN han skaper seg om til en shapeshifter he reshapesL himself as a shapeshifter skape-om-til__trPrtclObl-obRefl-oblN 13
trPrtclScpr-obRefl-scObNrg-scPredprtcl hun peker seg ut som fremragende she emerges as excellent peke-ut-som__trPrtclScpr-obRefl-scObNrg-scPredprtcl 1
trScpr-obDECL-scPPrefl de spanderer på seg at firmaet får ny logo they afford for themselves that the company gets a better logo spandere-på__trScpr-obDECL-scPPrefl 1
trScpr-obEqSuInf-scPPrefl hun spanderer på seg å kjøpe en ny jakke she treats herself to buying a new jacket spandere-på__trScpr-obEqSuInf-scPPrefl 1
trScpr-obRefl-scObDir hun låser seg ut she locks herself out låse-ut__trScpr-obRefl-scObDir 4
trScpr-obRefl-scObLoc hun låser seg inne she locks herself in låse-inne__trScpr-obRefl-scObLoc 4
trScpr-obRefl-scObNrgCsd-scPred de ler seg skakke they laugh themselves merry le__trScpr-obRefl-scObNrgCsd-scPred 20
trScpr-obRefl-scObNrg-scBareinf hun følte seg forfalle innvendig she felt herself decay on the inside føle__trScpr-obRefl-scObNrg-scBareinf 3
trScpr-obRefl-scObNrg-scN han kaller seg et talent he calls himself a talent kalle__trScpr-obRefl-scObNrg-scN 1
trScpr-obRefl-scObNrg-scPred hun kjenner seg trygg she feelsR safe kjenne__trScpr-obRefl-scObNrg-scPred 10
trScpr-obRefl-scPP han snakker seg til fordeler he talks himself to advantages snakke-til__trScpr-obRefl-scPP 1
trScpr-obRefl-scPred hun forholder seg rolig she remainsR quiet forholde__trScpr-obRefl-scPred 2
trScpr-obRefl-scPredprtcl de konstituerer seg som et parti they constitute themselves as a party konstituere-som__trScpr-obRefl-scPredprtcl 39
trScpr-obRefl-scPredprtclInf hun anser seg for å være kompetent she considers herself asI being competent anse-for__trScpr-obRefl-scPredprtclInf 1
trScpr-obRefl-scSuNrg-scBareinf-suRAISsuMob stjernen lot seg se the star let itself see la__trScpr-obRefl-scSuNrg-scBareinf-suRAISsuMob 1
trScpr-obRefl-scSuNrg-scInf oppskriften viser seg å fungere the recipe turnsR,L out to function vise__trScpr-obRefl-scSuNrg-scInf 1
trScpr-obRefl-scSuNrg-scPred situasjonen fortoner seg ufarlig the situation appearsR undangerous fortone__trScpr-obRefl-scSuNrg-scPred 1
trScpr-scObCsd de presser sitronene flate they squeeze the citrons flat presse__trScpr-scObCsd 39
trScpr-scObLoc vi stasjonerer ham i Sydamerika we station him in South America stasjonere__trScpr-scObLoc 31
trScpr-scObNrgCsd-scPred hun synger folk glade she sings people happy synge__trScpr-scObNrgCsd-scPred 12
trScpr-scObNrg-scBareinf jeg føler smitten snike seg inn i meg I feel the contagion enter into me føle__trScpr-scObNrg-scBareinf 8
trScpr-scObNrg-scBareinf-obRAISsuMob de lot sangen synge they let the song sing (be sung) la__trScpr-scObNrg-scBareinf-obRAISsuMob 1
trScpr-scObNrg-scInf vi antar henne å være kompetent we assume her to be competent anta__trScpr-scObNrg-scInf 7
trScpr-scObNrg-scN han kaller dem feiginger he calls them cowards kalle__trScpr-scObNrg-scN 1
trScpr-scObNrg-scPred vi erklærer byen friskmeldt we declare the town healthy erklære__trScpr-scObNrg-scPred 6
trScpr-scPasscmplx jeg forutsetter arten utryddet I presuppose the species extinct forutsette__trScpr-scPasscmplx 8
trScpr-scPPrefl hun rapper til seg pengene she snatchesP,R the money rappe-til__trScpr-scPPrefl 37
trScpr-scObNrg-scPredprtcl vi regner dem som farlige we count them as dangerous regne-som__trScpr-scPredprtcl 58
trScpr-scObNrg-scPredprtclInf vi anser henne for å være kompetent we regardP her to be competent anse-for__trScpr-scPredprtclInf 1
trScpr-scSuNrg-scInf oppskriften forekommer meg å fungere the recipe appearsP to me to function forekomme__trScpr-scSuNrg-scInf 4
trScpr-scSuNrg-scN han synes meg en skurk he seemsP to me a crook synes__trScpr-scSuNrg-scN 1
trScpr-scSuNrg-scPred han tykkes meg glad he seemsP to me happy tykkes__trScpr-scSuNrg-scPred 3
trScpr-scSuNrg-scPredprtcl han forekommer meg som fortapt he seemsP to me as lost forekomme-som__trScpr-scSuNrg-scPredprtcl 5
trScprExpnOb-scObNrg-scAdj-expnAbsinf vi anser det ufornuftig å nekte all skyld we deem it unwise to deny all guilt anse__trScprExpnOb-scObNrg-scAdj-expnAbsinf 2
trScprExpnOb-scObNrg-scAdj-expnDECL vi anser det tvilsomt at det vil holde seg slik we deem it doubtful that it will remain like this anse__trScprExpnOb-scObNrg-scAdj-expnDECL 2
trScprExpnOb-scObNrg-scAdj-expnINTERR vi anser det tvilsomt hvorvidt det vil holde seg slik we deem it doubtful whether it will remain like this anse__trScprExpnOb-scObNrg-scAdj-expnINTERR 2
trScprExpnOb-scObNrg-scPredprtclAdj-expnAbsinf vi anser det som ufornuftig å nekte all skyld we deem it as unwise to deny all guilt anse-som__trScprExpnOb-scObNrg-scPredprtclAdj-expnAbsinf 2
trScprExpnOb-scObNrg-scPredprtclAdj-expnDECL vi anser det som tvilsomt at det vil komme bedre forslag we consider it as doubtful that there will come better proposals anse-som__trScprExpnOb-scObNrg-scPredprtclAdj-expnDECL 2
trScprExpnOb-scObNrg-scPredprtclAdj-expnINTERR vi vurderer det som tvilsomt hvorvidt det vil komme bedre forslag we deem it as doubtful whether there will come better proposals vurdere-som__trScprExpnOb-scObNrg-scPredprtclAdj-expnINTERR 2
trScprExpnOb-scObNrg-scPredprtclInf-expnAbsinf vi anser det for å være mulig å vinne we considerP it to be possible to win anse-for__trScprExpnOb-scObNrg-scPredprtclInf-expnAbsinf 1
trScprExpnOb-scObNrg-scPredprtclInf-expnDECL vi anser det for å være mulig at vi vinner we considerP it to be possible that we win anse-for__trScprExpnOb-scObNrg-scPredprtclInf-expnDECL 1
trScprExpnOb-scObNrg-scPredprtclInf-expnINTERR vi anser det for å være åpent hvorvidt vi vinner we considerP it to be open whether we win anse-for__trScprExpnOb-scObNrg-scPredprtclInf-expnINTERR 1
trScprExpnOb-scObNrg-scPredprtclN-expnAbsinf vi anser det som en dårlig taktikk å nekte all skyld we consider it as a bad tactics to deny all guilt anse-som__trScprExpnOb-scObNrg-scPredprtclN-expnAbsinf 2
trScprExpnOb-scObNrg-scPredprtclN-expnDECL vi vurderer det som et omen at det regner svart regn we consider it as an omen that it rains black rain vurdere-som__trScprExpnOb-scObNrg-scPredprtclN-expnDECL 2
trScprExpnOb-scObNrg-scPredprtclN-expnINTERR vi vurderer det som et åpent spørsmål hvorvidt det vil komme bedre forslag we consider it as an open question whether there will come better proposals vurdere-som__trScprExpnOb-scObNrg-scPredprtclN-expnINTERR 2