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Luganda applicatives

TypeCraft's public Luganda corpus contains at the point of writing this page (23.04.2016) 94 sentence where at least one verb is glosses as having an applicative extension. In addition the corpus contains 31 nouns which have an applicative extension.

For a random selection of 29 of these 94 sentence we will now look at the following parameters

  • Which thematic role does the applicativized argument (AA) express?
  • To which grammatical category do expressed AAs belong (PN, N, PP)
  • If the AA is expressed as a free form, does the verb also carry an argument index?
  • If the the AA is topicalized, does the verb carry an argument index?

In addition we will mark the cases of applicativization where the AA only expressed as an argument index?

(1) VERB: tunuul 'look', see' AA: ye, Thematic Role: Stimuli, Category: PN, 3SG Argument index: "ki" seems to be an object marker Status: unclear

(2) VERB: leet 'bring', AA': 3SG, Thematic Role: Beneficiary, CategoryAA not lexicalised independently, Argument index:+ , Topicalisation: -

(3)VERB:"nyw", 'consume', AA' -, Thematic Role: Location, Category: AA not lexicalised independently, Argument index: Locative endclitic on the verb, Topicalisation: -

(4) VERB: "kol" 'do', AA': proper name, Thematic Role:Beneficiary, Category: Np , Argument index: -, Topicalisation: -

(5)VERB: tunuul 'look, see' AA: akazimbe kaganyegenya 'unfavourable hounse, Thematic Role: Stimuli, Category: CN Argument index: -, Topicalisation: -

(6)VERB: som, 'talk,read', AA': 1SG, Thematic Role: Malficiary, Category:AA not lexicalised independently, Argument index: +, Topicalisation: -

(7)VERB:suul 'throw', AA: ________, Thematic Role: ________, Category_______, Argument index_________, Topicalisation: -

(8)VERB: kaab, 'cry' AA': waggulu, Thematic Role: Locative, Category: CN place, Argument index: -, Topicalisation: -

(9)VERB: buuk 'jump' AA: ebintu, Themantic Role: Locative, Category: ____, Argument Index: Locative endclitic on the verb Topicalisation: +

(10)VERB: kaab 'cry' AA: nju, Themantic Role: Locative, Category: PP, Argument Index: - Topicalisation: -

















(27) Phrase>33474</Phrase>