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Help:How to annotate in TypeCraft - a practical guide

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How you create a new text, split it into sentences, and enter it into the database

You are logged in. There are no texts in your home domain called *My texts* because you have not yet started to annotate.

This is how you create a new text and split it into phrases that you can annotate.

Step 1 - open Text Editor in New Tab

To start, click on *New text* which you find in the upper navigation box to your left. Right click it, and chose the second option from the drop-down window saying *Open Link in New Tab* which will allow you to go more easily back and forth between your Text Editor and this Help Page. In my browser tabs open right below my toolbar, on the upper part of my browser window.

Step2 - enter text into the text field

Go to the Text Editor window on your Tabs bar. Click it. Now you are in your Text Editor. It has on the left side a Text field. You use this field to either paste text from a file into it, or to manually enter sentences. Both are possible.

NOTE - any collection of phrases is a text.
Under Text we understand either real text, or part of real text, for example from a newspaper or a book etc., or a set
of phrases, either sentences or smaller constituents, such as noun phrases or verb phrases, which you have collected to illustrate a certain linguistic phenomenon, or which simply represent the raw data that you have collected during your field work.

Step3 - sentence split

After you have entered your text you click on *Create phrases*. A dialog box appears: if you have not marked parts of the text (which you normally only do if you want to add more text to an already existing text), TypeCraft will say: Nothing selected. Should TypeCraft use the whole text instead? Answer: yes!

(Step4 optional) - repeat sentence split

If you are unhappy with the way TypeCraft has split your sentences, clean out your text by for example deleting spaces between paragraphs, or by inserting periods. If worse comes to worse, you have to repeat this step several times to get the sentence break-up that is correct.