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Runyankore-Rukiga Corpus

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Purpose of the corpus

The Corpus of Locative Expressions in Runyankore-Rukiga was created to allow the study of Locative Expressions in Runyankore-Rukiga a Bantu Language spoken in south-western Uganda by approximately 6 million people according to the Uganda National Population and Housing Census report (2014).

Description of the corpus

This corpus is a sub-corpus of the TypeCraft Runyankore-Rukiga corpus [ -- packaged -- time stamped ---]. It consists of naturally occurring data, as well as elicited sentences which we found relevant for our study of locative expressions. The packaged data available from this site consists of 298 in depth annotated sentences. The data is provided in XML format.

Annotations and Standards

Creation of the TypeCraft Runyankore-Rukiga corpus

The TypeCraft Runyankore-Rukiga corpus of which the data presented here is a part, consists of narratives and short stories, as well as elicited data. Texts are either transcriptions of oral narratives or fragments of newspaper texts from the Runyankore-Rukiga weekly newspaper Orumuri. We also digitalised sections taken from the novel Abagyenda Bareeba ‘Adventures of travelers' by Mubangizi (1997). (REF) The data was created by native-speaker graduates as part of their class work or in the context of their master’s thesis between 2006 and 20xx. The creation process was a collaborative effort coordinated by the principal investigators Dr. Allen Asiimwe (Makerere University, Uganda) and Prof. Dorothee Beermann (NTNU, Trondheim) . The main student contributers were Justus Turamyomwe and Misah Natumanya...., ......., .........,. The collection has been extended continuously. For a closer look at the entire corpus please go to TypeCraft.org. Select from the TypeCraft Tools menu, Search Texts. The Search interface lets you choose a language. To see all texts in Runyankore-Rukiga, type the name into the provided field.