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Hello Ben

Last month I met Pavel in Accra and he showed me the standalone client you have done. I like the fact that you have switched from a local web server based solution to a standalone Java client with Swing as I have done so with ATP3.

I gave TCstandAlone a short during the workshop but I will do more tests in the upcoming months.

I would like to ask four questions:

1) Regarding '"remote login": sends a login request to the central TypeCraft server.' Does this allow me to synchronize the data I have entered through the web browser to my local copy of the HSQLDB[1] instance? What is the recommended way of working?

2) Which were the particular reasons for going for HSQLDB? Note: I am thinking of hooking up ATP3 to the lexicon of this database to have a bridge from Toolbox dictionary files into Typecraft. HSQLDB is lightweight. I like the fact that it saves the content of the database as a text file with SQL statements. This makes it very versatile (the content may be easily loaded into another database without going for much programming). The only drawback I found so far is that you might get a corrupted database if power suddenly drops (In my experience this only occurs if you have given the signal to shut down and if the power is cut during the shut down process; if the power is cut while it is still freely running there is no problem as it will recover the state from a temporarily file)

3) Before going to look at the details of your database scheme I prefer to ask you directly: What is the lexical unit you are dealing with in TCstandAlone? Is it the lexical sense? Or is it the lexical entry (base form as such)? I would favor having the senses separate and binding them together with the lexeme entry. (Reasons see upcoming report of Thomas Bearth in the SLAVOB proceedings)

4) Meta data The ISO code of the language and the name of the person who is responsible for the entry is recorded. Is there anything else in your version. Do you use the same db scheme as Pavel?


Hannes 16:48, 3 December 2009 (UTC)

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