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Mary Esther Kropp Dakubu

Prof. Mary Esther Kropp Dakubu, was Emerita Professor at the University of Ghana.

Professor Kropp Dakubu who was a former Director of the Language Centre started off as a Research Fellow at the Institute of African Studies in 1964. She was a recipient of a number of international awards and grants, and has published extensively.

*27. April 1938; Boston, Mass. U.S.A † 17.November 2016; Boston, Mass. U.S.A

Selected Publications


2009 Ga-English Dictionary with English-Ga Index. Accra: Black Mask Publishers.

2009 Parlons Farefari. Paris: l'Harmattan.

2007 Gurenɛ-English Dictionary Vol.1: Gurenɛ-English Dictionary Vol.2: English-Gurenɛ Glossary. Legon: Linguistics Dept.

2006 Parlons Ga. Paris: l'Harmattan.

2005 Dagaare Grammar. Collected Language Notes No. 26. Legon: Institute of African Studies.

2002 Ga Phonology. Legon: IAS.

1997 Korle Meets the Sea, a Sociolinguistic History of Accra. New York and Oxford: Oxford University Press.

1988 editor and major contributor, The Languages of Ghana. London: Kegan Paul International Ltd.

1987 The Dangme Language: an introductory study. London and Basingstoke/Accra: Macmillan/Unimax.

1981 One Voice: the linguistic culture of an Accra lineage. Leiden: African Studies Center.


2014 Language and Africa. Chapter 3 in T. Manuh and E. Sutherland-Addy, eds., Africa in Contemporary Perspective, a textbook for undergraduates. Accra: Sub-Saharan Publishers. Pp. 78-93.

2012 The Portuguese language on the Gold Coast, 1471-1807. Ghana Journal of Linguistics 1.1: 15-34.

2011 Metaphors of social and epistemological boundedness in Ga proverbs. In Helen Lauer and Kofi Anyidoho, eds., Reclaiming the Human Sciences and Humanities through African Perspectives Vol. 2 pp. 1473-1481. Accra: Sub-Saharan Publishers.

2010 with Lars Hellan, Identifying Verb Constructions Cross-Linguistically. Studies in the Languages of the Volta Basin 6.3.

2008a Ga verb features. In Ameka and Dakubu eds., Aspect and Modality in Kwa Languages. Amsterdam/Philadelphia: John Benjamins Publishing Company. Pp. 91-134.

2008b with Felix K. Ameka, Imperfective constructions: progressive and prospective in Ewe and Dangme. In Ameka and Dakubu eds., Aspect and Modality in Kwa Languages. pp. 215-289.


Construction Label Project

Ga Extended Verb Complex


Construction descriptions in my texts using Construction Label conventions have been entered and revised at various times, and details of the abbreviations and conventions used may have changed.

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