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The North Wind and the Sun - English version

posted by Dorothee Beermann

The North Wind and the Sun - English version  
Type Fable
Author(s) Aesop
Translator(s) George Fyler Townsend
Editor(s) The University of Adelaide
Publication title Aesop's Fables
Publisher eBooks@Adelaide
Pages Perry Index 46
Volume The Townsend text is spoken by Nathan Colten
Country The recorded text is British English
available_at http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/au/
Annotator Dorothee Beermann
Corpus Link http://typecraft.org/TCEditor/1939/
Language English
Media type e-edition

The North Wind and the Sun

THE NORTH WIND and the Sun disputed as to which was the most powerful, and agreed that he should be declared the victor who could first strip a wayfaring man of his clothes.

The North Wind first tried his power and blew with all his might, but the keener his blasts, the closer the Traveler wrapped his cloak around him, until at last, resigning all hope of victory, the Wind called upon the Sun to see what he could do.

The Sun suddenly shone out with all his warmth. The Traveler no sooner felt his genial rays than he took off one garment after another, and at last, fairly overcome with heat, undressed and bathed in a stream that lay in his path.

Persuasion is better than Force.

Text annotation

In the annotated version of "The North Wind and the Sun", we made the following changes to the text.

  • In sentence 1, we deleted the 'and' in order to create two separate sentences.
  • Sentence 2 we divided into 3 separate sentences.
  • Sentence 4 we broke into 2 separate sentences. In the process, we deleted the 'and' in 'and at last'.
  • We did not capitalise the word 'traveler'
  • We spelled the word 'traveler' as 'traveller'. (The spoken version of the text is in British English.)