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SVC in Mandarin Chinese (Tao 2009)

SVC in Mandarin Chinese (Tao 2009)  
Type conference article
Author(s) Liang Tao
Editor(s) Yun Xiao
Publication title Serial Verb Construction in Mandarin Chinese: The interface of syntax and semantics
Publisher NACCL-21
Annotator Miaomiao Zhang
Corpus Link SVC in Mandarin Chinese 1

General Information

This article belongs to the TC Category Interlinear Glossed Text from Linguistic Research.

In this category we collect TCwiki pages that feature Interlinear Glossed Text (IGT) from linguistic publications.

IGT are normally demarcated through indenting, numbering and a space above and under the example. One line of text is followed by one line of glosses and a line with free translation completes the pattern. IGTs from linguistic publications are of particular interest, since they represent a unique alignment of language data and linguistic theory. Example sentences from seminal articles are not rarely quoted in linguistic publications for decades which is another good reason why they need our attention.

In an effort to make IGT more accessible to linguistic research, we try to extract original IGT from linguistic publications and in same cases we provide additional linguistic glosses through a subsequent layer of annotation using the TypeCraft Glosser. In this way we hope to contribute to the re-usability of this data.

On each of the our pages that feature IGT from secondary sources, we also provide a short annotated bibliography, sometimes combined with a list of key-terms which can help to gain a perspective on the research questions raised in the original article. The 'Infobox' may contain further information about the linguistic framework used in the original article, as well as additional classifications of the phenomena treated, whenever that is possible.


Serial Verb Construction, multiple predicates

Original Interlinear Glossed Text


Zuo214 Xian55sheng qu51 da214 dian51hua51 jiao51 che55 le. (Ding, p. 116)
Zuo Mr. go make phone.call hire car CRS
V1 V2 V3
‘Mr. Zuo went to call for a taxi already (… went to make a phone call to hire a taxi).’


Ta551 tuo55 le xie35 zou214 jin51 fang35 qu51. (Ding, p. 114)
3sg take-off PA shoe walk-enter house go
V1 V2 V3 V4
‘He took off his shoes and went into the house.’


Wo214 jiao51 ta55 qu. (Ding et al, 1979:122)
1sg call 3sg go
I’m going to call/get him.


Wo214 jiao51 ta55 qu51
1sg tell/allow 3sg go
I told/allowed him to go.


Wo214 chi55bao214 le.
1sg eat-full CRS
I am full (from eating).


Ta55 yang214 le yi51zhi55 xiao214gou214 wo214 xiang214 mai214
3sg raise. PA one Cl little dog 1sg want buy
He has/raises a little dog, (and) I want to buy (it).


Wo214 kong214pa51 ta55 jin55tian55 bu51 hui35jia55.
1sg fear 3sg today Neg. go.back home
I fear that s/he won’t go back home today.


D: ge33de guo55li zha35 le ma?
Place to wok in fry CRS Q
Did (you) place (it) into the pot to fry yet?


? Ge33de guo55li ma? Zha35 le ma?
Should (I) put (it) in the pot? Did (you) fry it?


Ni214 jiao55 ta55 shuo55 Ying55wen35 le ma?
2sg teach 3sg speak English CRS Q
Did you teach him to speak English?


? Ni214 jiao55 ta55 le ma?
Did you teach him?


shuo55 Ying55wen35 le ma? Do you / does he speak English?


Ta55 dui51 ni214 shuo55 shi35hua51 le ma?
3sg to 2sg speak true.words CRS Q
Did he tell you the truth?

  • Ta55 dui51 ni214 le ma? ?shuo55 shi35hua51 le ma?
  • He toward you? ?Did (he/you) speak the truth?

Ta33 hui51 hui35 niang35jia guo51jie35 qu51 de.
3sg Fut return mother home spend festival go De
She will go to her mother's home to spend the holiday.


?Ta33 hui51 hui35 niang35jia.
?She will return to her mother’s house.


Hui51 guo51jie35 qu51 de
(She) will go there to spend the holidays.


Ta55 hui51 ba214 qian35 jiao55 gei214 ni214 de
3sg Fut BA money hand.in give 2sg De
He will hand in the money to you.

  • Ta55 hui51 ba214 qian35. Hui51 jiao55 gei214 wo214 de

3sg BA money hand.in give 1sg Le
He will get money. He will hand the money to me.


Ni214 shi51 ke51, zuo51 zhe he55 shui214 ba
2sg be guest sit Dur drink water Int
You are the guest, please keep seated to enjoy some water

  • Ni214 shi51 ke51, zuo51 xia51 he55 zhe shui214 ba
  • You are the guest. Sit down to be enjoying some water
  • Ni214 shi51 ke51, zuo51 zhe he55 zhe shui214 ba

You are the guest. Keep seated and be enjoying some water


Ni214 shi51 ke51, zuo51 zhe he55 le shui214 zai51shuo55
You are the guest. Keep seated to finish drinking the water, then (we) discuss it


Ta55 tuo55 le xie35 zou214 le jin51qu51
3sg take off PF shoe walk PF enter go
He took off his shoes and walked in


Ta55 tuo55xia xie35 zou214 zhe55 / le jin51qu51
3sg take down shoe walk-Dur / PF enter go
He took off his shoes and walked (with either zhe or le) in


Ta55 zhi55 zhe mao35yi55 kan51shu55
3sg knit Dur sweater read book
She is knitting while reading


Ta55 zhi55 mao35yi55 kan51 zhe shu55
3sg knit sweater read Dur book
When she knits she (has to) look at a book


Ta55 zhi55 *zhe mao35yi55 kan51 *zhe shu55
3sg knit Dur sweater read Dur book
She is knitting and reading


Feng55 chui55 zhe xue214hua55 man214tian55 fei55
Wind blow Adv/Dur snow flake full-sky fly
The wind is blowing the snowflakes (making them) fly in the air


?Feng55 chui55 zhe xue214hua55 man214 tian55 fei55 *de
The wind is blowing the snowflakes (making them) flying in the air


Xi55wang51 shi214 de ta55 kua51huo35
Hope makes him happy


Xi55wang51 shi214 de ta55 kua51huo35 *de
Hope makes him *so happy that

  • Xi55wang51 shi51 zhe ta55 kuai51huo35 de
  • 'Hope is making him so happy that (zhe-de)

Ta55 po35po jiao51 ta55 hui35jia55 qu51.(Ding et al., 1979: 119)
3sg mother-In-law tell 3sg return home go
Her mother-In-law told her to go back (return) home

  • Ta55 po35po rang51 le ta55 hui35 jia55 le

Her mother-in-law has allowed her to go home now.'


Ta55 po35po rang51 ta55 hui35 jia55 le
3sg mother-In-law allow 3sg return home CRS
Now her mother-In-law allows her to go home (didn’t allow her to do so before).

  • Ta55 po35po jiao51 ta55 hui35 le jia55 qu51
  • Her mother-in-law tells her to have gone home

Zai51 nar51 mei35 de35dao da35an51
From there Neg obtain-arrive answer
(They) didn’t obtain any answer from there


Cong35 nar51 de35dao le da35an51
From there obtain-arrive PF answer
(They) obtained the answer from there


Ta55 gen55 wo214 hui35 le jia55
3sg with 1sg return-Perf home
He and I went home. (or: he went home with me)


?Ta55 gen55 wo214 mei35 hui35 jia55.
3sg with 1sg Neg. return home
?He with me did not go home. He and I did not go home


Ta55 gen55 wo214 mei35 que51ding51 guan55xi
3sg with 1sg Neg confirm relationship
He and I did not (have not) confirm(ed) our relationship (official engagement)


Ta55 gen55 zhe wo214 hui35 le jia55
Following me he went home (=he followed me and went home)


Ta55 gei214 Zhang55 Xiao51qin35 dang55 le mi51shu
3sg to Z X work-as-Perf secretary
He served as a secretary to Zhang Xiaoqin


?Ta55 … gei214 Zhang55 Xiao51qin35 mei35 dang55 mi51shu
?He to Zhang Xiaoqin did not work as a secretary

  • Ta55 gei214 le Zhang55 Xiao51qin35 dang55 mi51shu

He serves as a secretary to-ed (le) Zhang


Ta55 dui51 wo214 mei35 shuo55 shi35hua51
3sg to 1sg Neg. speak true word
He did not tell me the truth (but may have done so to others)
Compare: Ta55 dui51 wo214 hui51 shuo55 shi35hua51 de.
He will tell me the truth (=He, to me, will tell the truth).


Ta55 dui51zhe wo214 shuo55 le shi35hua51
Facing me, he told the truth


Ta55 mei35’ou5 rang51 ni21 tui51 (Beijing04:5)
3sg Neg allow 2sg retire
They have not allowed/permit you (me) to retire yet


Na21r neng35 rang51 tui51 ya
how can allow retire Int
How can they allow (you) to retire.