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Welcome to TypeCraft.

TypeCraft Editor now works with the following browsers: Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera.

This is TypeCraft 1.0; TypeCraft 2.0 is right around the corner

Our Help pages already discuss functionality offered in TypeCraf 2.0. We ask for your understanding and patience in this transition period between TypeCraft 1.0 and TypeCraft 2.0.

TypeCraft is a multi-lingual on-line database

of linguistically-annotated natural language text, embedded in a collaboration and information tool. This set-up allows users (projects as well as individuals) to create their own domains, to invite others, as well as share their data with the public. The kernel of TypeCraft is morphological word-level annotation in a relational database setting, wrapped into a communication system, not unlike popular online community sites. TypeCraft allows you to import raw text for annotation and export annotated data to MS Word,, LaTeX or XML for further use.

For the use of the TypeCraft annotation tool a login is required. Use the login button in the right upper corner of your browser window to request a login. You will have to confirm your e-mail address before you receive your TypeCraft password.

Also without password you have reading access to this wiki. In addition parts of the TypeCraft database can be searched from this page. From the navigation bar at the left go to Text search or Phrase search.

The TypeCraft flyer gives you a short overview of TC's main functionalities.

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