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Template:Typological Features Template

Feature Description
Phonological Features The following fields describe the sound inventory of [your language]
Vowel inventory
Vowel harmony
Consonant inventory
Tone Note: If your language is a tone language describe which tones are used; indicate whether your language uses lexical or grammatical tone.
Syllable Structure
Morpho-syntactic Features In the following fields describe morpho-syntactic parameters of [your language]
Basic morphological properties Note: Specify whether your language is an isolating language (not (or nearly not) making use of morphology, agglutinative, such as the Bantu languages of Africa, or synthetic, such as the Saami languages of Scandinavia, or polysynthetic such as Greenlandic.
Basic morpho-syntactic properties Note Linguists have distinguished between head- and dependent-marking languages. Semitic languages are head marking languages; it is the head of the noun phrases that needs to have a special form when followed by a dependent noun; in the Germanic languages it is the head of the verb phrase that expresses person-number features of its subject. Grammatical dependencies may also be expressed on the dependent noun phrases in the form of case. A language thus can be both, head- and dependent-marking, depending on the category of speech and or the type of feature expressed. Head- and dependent marking is an overarching morpho-syntactic feature which can be described here.
Nominal Phrases The following fields describe morpho-syntactic properties of nominal constituents
syntactic structure
nominal modification
nominal specification Note Does your language have determiners, demonstratives (deixis), numerals, quantifiers? Are there affixes expressing reference, deixis?
pronominal system
Verbal Phrases The following fields describe some of the basic morpho-syntactic properties of verbal constituents
word order
Infinitival form(s)
Verbal constructions (Valency)
Adpositions Note In addtion to indicating whether your languages makes use of prepositions or postpositions, you might want to indicate whether your language has spatial nouns? Does your language use adpositions or particles to indicate grammatical relations between the verb and a nominal argument?
Special Properties
Short Bibliography