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Help with the TC Editor

For a more detailed description of how you annotate in TypeCraft follow the following link TypeCraft Annotation - An Introduction. Here is a Ouick Start for those that are already experienced in using digital linguistic tools

Quick Start to annotation in TC

Click *My Text* in the navigation-bar. The TC Editor opens. You may now enter or copy-and-paste a text into the editor's text window. Determine the language of your text by going to the *CHANGE* button. TC uses the ISO-639-1 code for languages. Please use the drop-down window to selecting one of the ISO language names. Give your text a title and a title translation if appropriate. Text title and title translation will inform *Text search* and therefore should be chosen with care.

Tokenization You can tokenise your text into sentences. This generally works quite well. TypeCraft has at this point still problems with periods for example in titles like Mr. or Dr. and semicolons. Press *CREATE PHRASES*; this will initiate the tokenization. Inspect the result before you choose *Yes* from the dialogue box. The tokenization can be repeated several times until you are content with the result.

Morpheme break-up Select a sentence from the set of tokenised sentences. Click on the sentence. This will open a dialogue box. Follow the instructions in the dialogue box to insert morphemes into the annotation table.

Annotation Table Navigate through the annotation level vertically by making use of the space bar. The *WORD* and the *MORPH* tier feature a menu bar which allows you to delete words/morphs, add words or change the word segmentation. *Gloss* and *POS* tags are chosen from a predefined list. You find an overview over all Gloss and POS tags on your navigation bar. These lists are auto-generated and can be ordered by category at your convenience.

TypeCraft Export

The TypeCraft user-interface allows for several forms of export. Follow the title link of this section to read more about export to WORD and Open Office.

You can integrate data from the TC database into the TCwiki. How to do this is also discussed on the TypeCraft Export page.

Also XML can be exported directly from the TC user-interface. Read more on the TypeCraft Export page.

How to find things in the TC-database

How to find things in the TC-database

Help with the TCwiki

How to start a TCwiki-page

There several ways to start a new page in the TCwiki:

  • Write the name of the page you want to create into the search-box on your navigation bar. You write for example: Noun Phrases in Luganda. Then press *GO*. A special page opens for you. It mentions Search Results. If there does not yet exit a page with the title you choose for the page you are about to create, the search result is empty, and it says:"There is no page titled "Noun Phrases in Luganda. You now can create your page." That means that nobody else on the TCwiki has written about Noun Phrases in Luganda using the same title as you plan to use. The text: "You can create this page" is a link. Press this link. A new page appears with the title: Editing Noun Phrases in Luganda. On top of this page you see a tool-bar. Go there and press the button *CREATE*. You now have created that page and can start to edit it.
  • Another way to create a new page is to start that page from your homepage at TC. You go to your homepage by pressing on your name in the upper right corner of your browser window. Remember you must be logged in to edit the TCwiki. On you homepage you go to the tool-bar above you page and press the *EDIT* button. You see a white field with the text and other material that you have put on your homepage. Go to the tool-bar right above you edit-box. The third button from the left is the button that creates an internal link for you.Press that button. The following code will be appear in your edit box: [[Link title]]. Replace the text Link title by the name of the page that you would like to create; so Noun Phrases in Luganda. Save your page and press the internal link that you just created. Again you come to a page called 'Editing Noun Phrases in Luganda', and again you want to go to the top of that page and press the button *CREATE*.You now have created that page and can start to edit it. Notice also that this new page in now linked to your homepage.

Help with editing in the TC wiki

The TCwiki is a customised mediawiki. Mediawiki has published a series of good Editing User's Guide that you can access by following the links below.

A quick reference guide can be found here: Reference Sheet (You can enlarge the reference sheet by clicking on it!)

  • General editing help for beginners can be found here: User's Guide
  • How to integrate pictures into your wiki page is explained here: Picture tutorial
  • How to edit tables can be found here: Tables tutorial
  • How to integrate a google map into your page is explained here: ...more follows...

How to find things in the TC wiki

The easiest way to find things on the TCwiki is to use the search window on the navigation bar. Type for example *annotation* and click *GO*. You will get up many pages containing the word (A,a)nnotat... in the page title.

THe scope of you search depends on in which namespace you search. For the search in the TCwiki it might be best to search in the following three namespaces:

click on the picture to see a larger version
  • Main
  • User
  • TypeCraft
  • Category

You customise your search by going to *my preference* in the right upper corner of your browser window. Select my preferences -> User profile -> *SEARCH*. Select the relevant namespaces by ticking of boxes. Save your preferences.

How to write an e-mail to another TypeCraft user

Many TypeCraft users have enabled a function called enable e-mail from other users. If you have not done that yet, you can go so by going to *my preferences* which you find in the left upper corner of your browser, next to your name. When in *my preferences* scroll down to the section E-mail.

In order to mail other users, go to the user's homepage. You find home pages by searching for the users name. A list of users that have entered data into the TypeCraft database can be found at TypeCraft contributors.